Fruit Trees

The farm space is generally the same as in the 2003 Gameboy Advance game. The water pond was originally next to the farm fruit tree, but in the Switch remake, the pond moved next to the horse barn. The area where the pond used to be is now for fruit trees. Up to 5 fruit trees can be placed on your farm.

When you first start on grandpa's farm, you'll have one fruit tree. This tree will produce Wild Grapes during spring and summer as well as Honey all year long. Additional trees can be purchased from Gotts the carpenter at his shop located in the forest south of your farm. Gotts has Apple, Orange, and Wild Grape Trees for sale for 1000 G each. Once purchased, Gotts will install the full-grown tree immediately on your farm. The tree will then start producing its fruit the next day.

A fruit tree can be replaced with a new variety by chopping the tree with your Axe, then paying 1000 G to Gotts for the new fruit tree of your choice.


The fruit from the trees will appear on the ground in the morning. Though, you won't find fruit under the tree every day. The chance of fruit appearing on the ground under the tree depends on the day's weather. A sunny day has the greatest chance of having fruit on the ground that day, followed by a rainy day, and then finally a snowy day with a 50/50 chance of fruit in the morning.

Up to 3 fruit can be picked up off the ground each day. The quantity of fruit also depends on the same criteria. A sunny day has a better chance of 3 fruit appearing, followed by a rainy day, and then finally, a snowy day.

The current season also influences fruit production, as the fruit trees do not produce their crops all year long:

All tree fruit sells for 30 G each. Tree fruit does not have Star Rank.

The trees will produce their fruit until you chop them down. You do not need to water the fruit trees or add fertilizer. The dropped fruit will not pile up if the fruit left on the ground, so try to remember to grab the fruit during your morning farm chores. The Harvest Sprites will NOT harvest your trees for you.


All three fruit trees can produce Honey as well. Each tree can create 1 jar of Honey per day. Just like with the fruit, a sunny day has a better chance of Honey appearing on the fruit tree, followed by a rainy day, and finally a snowy day. Fruit trees produce Honey all year long.

Honey sells for 50 G each and does not have Star Rank.

You can improve the chance of Honey appearing on your trees by growing flowers in your farm field. Merely having one mature flower plant in your crop field will increase the likelihood of Honey appearing by 10%. The variety of flower does not influence Honey production. Just the fact that there's a full-grown flower plant is all it takes to bump the chance of Honey production.

Like the fruit, the trees will continue to produce Honey until you chop them down. You don't need to seed the tree with bees to make Honey appear.