Town Shops

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There are 11 merchant shops scattered around Mineral Town. There are also 3 buildings that you can get service for free! All of the shops keep set hours and days that they are open. There is a sign outside most of the shops that will tell you what hours they're open and which days of the week they close up. Most of the shops will be closed on major festival days; the Workshop stays open though.

If you examine a shop counter and a "Counter" prompt appears, it means that the shop is not open at that time. You will gain access to their buildings earlier in the day as you raise your friendships with the shopkeepers, but their shop hours will not change.

Northside Shops and Services

1. Library

2. General Store

3. Clinic

4. Church

5. Sprite's Hut

6. Adge Winery

7. Inn

8. Van's Store

Mineral Beach Shops and Services

9. Beach Cafe

10. Huang at Zack's House

Southside Shops and Services

11. Forge

12. PoPoultry

13. Yodel Ranch

Forest Shops and Services

14. Workshop