Gift TypeNormal DaysBirthday
Favorites+800 LP, +9 FP+4000 LP, +45 FP
Loved+500 LP, +9 FP+2500 LP, +45 FP
Liked+300 LP, +3 FP+1500 LP, +15 FP
Neutral+100 LP, +1 FP+500 LP, +5 FP
Disliked-500 LP, -3 FP-2500 LP, -15 FP
Hated-800 LP, -9 FP-4000 LP, -45 FP

Generally, giving a villager a gift will help to increase your relationship with them. On the villager's birthday, there is an opportunity to really boost your Love Points (for marriage candidates) and Friendship Points (for everybody). A gift given to the person on their birthday will be worth 5x as many points as the gift would be worth on any other day of the year.

Use these birthdays to your advantage, boosting your relationships with one gift. You can also wrap your gifts at Jeff's store counter for 100 G per wrapped item. A wrapped gift will earn an additional 25% LP/FP.

Ideally, you want to give a gift the person likes on their birthday, but you can also give disliked gifts and still earn 5x the relationship points. If you aren't sure if the villager likes the gift you want to give, save your game before giving the item so you can reload your save game and recover in case the gift results in a negative FP/LP hit.

Remember that only marriage candidates have a Favorite level of gift. Marriage candidates also have alternative birthdays to ensure that players don't share the same birthday as the candidates.

Spring Birthdays

Plum (Spring 4)

Harvest Goddess (Spring 8 or Spring 9)

Kappa (Spring 8 or Spring 9)

Saibara (Spring 11)

Blueberry (Spring 15)

Elly (Spring 16 or Spring 20)

Mugi (Spring 17)

Lillia (Spring 19)

Bon Viviant (Spring 21 or Spring 20)

Aqua (Spring 26)

Sasha (Spring 30)

Summer Birthdays

Popuri (Summer 3 or Summer 10)

Harris (Summer 4)

Cliff (Summer 6 or Summer 10)

Basil (Summer 11)

Mint (Summer 16)

Ran (Summer 17 or Summer 22)

Kai (Summer 22 or Summer 17)

Thomas (Summer 25)

Zack (Summer 29)

Fall Birthdays

Gotts (Fall 2)

Yu (Fall 5)

Brandon (Fall 7 or Fall 29)

Sunny (Fall 10)

Manna (Fall 11)

Cherry (Fall 14)

Karen (Fall 15 or Fall 23)

Doctor (Fall 19 or Fall 25)

Carter (Fall 20)

Anna (Fall 23)

Rick (Fall 27 or Fall 23)

Winter Birthdays

Jennifer (Winter 2 or Winter 18)

Gray (Winter 6 or Winter 23)

Dudley (Winter 11)

Ellen (Winter 13)

Duke (Winter 15)

Huang (Winter 19 or Winter 21)

Marie (Winter 20 or Winter 23)

Pumpkin (Winter 22)

Mei (Winter 26)

Jeff (Winter 29)