Rick helps his mom Lillia and sister Popuri manage the local poultry farm. He's a resourceful and helpful young man. Rick takes his big-brother role a little too seriously and tends to be overprotective of his little sister. Ever since his dad left town in search of a flower that would improve Lillia's health, Rick has done the best he can to care for his family.

Birthday: Autumn 27 (primary) or Autumn 23 (alternative)

Bonus LP: Earn +2500 when your chickens have an average of 150 (6 hearts), 180, 210, 230, and 250 points (10 hearts) of affection.

Rival: Karen

Schedule: On most days of the week, Rick will start his morning by heading to the bench outside of Jeff's general store, where he'll hang out with Karen until 9:00 am. He'll then walk back to the poultry farm, arriving around 10:00 am, and stay there until around 7:00 pm. At that time he'll be at the inn at 8:20 pm, and then return back to the poultry farm at 10:00 pm. On Tuesdays he'll go to Rose Plaza instead of Karen's sweet, sweet bench, and then from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm he'll be visiting Saibara at his shop.

On rainy or snowy days he stays at the poultry farm all day, but still manages to spend the evening at the inn.

If you marry Rick, he begins his day inside of the farm house, but then goes through his normal schedule (even going to the inn in the evenings) and returns to your home around 10:00 pm.

Gift Preferences

+800 LP (+9 FP)

Hot Spring Egg: Toss an egg into the hot spring, receive a boiled egg in return

+500 LP (+9 FP)

all cheese, all eggs, all mayonnaise, Chicken Feed, Chocolate, Corn, Honey, Large Fish

Ajillo, Bagna Cauda, Bibimbap, Stamina Booster, Stamina Booster XL, Churro, Eggs Benedict, Premium Grape Juice, French Toast, Wild Grape Water, Nasi Goreng, Omelet Rice, Popcorn, Pudding, Quiche, Fish Soup, Strawberry Milk (recipe), Caffeine, Super Caffeine, Tamagoyaki

+300 LP (+3 FP)

Black Grass, Blue Grass, Blue Magic Flower, Bracelet, Broach, Dress, Earrings, Face Mask, Green Grass, Indigo Grass, Lumber, Medium Fish, Mushroom, Necklace, Pet Treat, Pineapple, Purple Grass, True Magic Red Flower, Onigiri, Sunblock, Skin Lotion, Stone, White Grass

Carbonara, Carpaccio, Cheesecake, Cheese Souffle, Chocolate Cookies, Curry Udon, Fish Fritter, Fried Potato, Fruit Juice, Grape Juice, Ketchup, Mixed Juice, Napolitan, Orange Juice, Paella, Pineapple Juice, Raisin Bread, Ramen, Relaxtea, Relax Tea Leaves, Seafood Bowl, Tempura Udon, Vegetable Stir Fry

-500 LP (-3 FP)

Perfume, Pumpkin, Yam, Yellow Grass

Baked Yam, Boiled Egg, Daifuku, Mochi, Pumpkin Potage, Zenzai

-800 LP (-9 FP)

all alpaca wool, all angora wool, all sheep wool, all yarn, all ore, all gems, Letter in a Bottle, Branch, Empty Can, Fish Bones, Ancient Fossil, Fodder, Gold Lumber, Tomatosetta Stone, Pirate Treasure, Poison Mushroom, Red Grass, Rock, Rubber Boot, Weed

Cheese Fondue, Cheese Risotto, Curry Bread, Curry Rice, Stew

Heart Events


Rick, Popuri, and Lilia are next to the table. They collected a lot of eggs today, so Rick took some of the extra eggs up to the hot spring to make Hot Spring Eggs. Rick notices you standing there and asks if you like eggs too.

Choice 1: They're most eggcellent! (+3000 LP, +20 FP with Lilia and Popuri)

Oh that's great! Rick takes one of the soft boiled eggs off the table and gives it to you. They have a lot of eggs and he wants to share them with you.

Choice 2: No. They give me the heebie-jeebies. (-2000 LP, -20 FP with Lillia and Popuri)

Rick recognizes that everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Anyhow, Rick encourages you to do the best you can on your ranch, and you can always come to him if you need any help.

Black Heart Event

As you walk into the shop you'll bump into Popuri and Rick, who is glad you've stopped by to talk. Rick is impressed that you're running the ranch by yourself. Lillia is impressed because it isn't something that anyone can do. Popuri tells you that besides crops, you also need to know how to raise farm animals. Rick asks if you know how many days it takes for a chicken egg to hatch.

Choice 1: About three days! (+3000 LP, +20 FP with Popuri and Lillia)

You're correct! Rick figured you knew the correct answer and is glad that you've confirmed his assumption. Lillia says that she had heard that you were a great farmer. Rick is impressed that you were able to answer the question right away and wants to be just like you.

Choice 2: It takes one whole week! (-2000 LP, -10 FP with Popuri and Lillia)

Rick is disappointed in you, as the correct answer is 3 days. That wasn't a difficult question. Rick wonders if you aren't as experienced with chickens as he thought you were. Even Popuri is disappointed! Lillia tells them not to worry, as mistakes happen.

Purple Heart Event

The girls greets you as you walk into the poultry store. If you're looking for Rick, he's upstairs. Lillia tells you to go on up to the second floor.

Rick is upstairs by the table. Did you come upstairs to help with cleaning the room? You notice a wristwatch on the table next to Rick. He explains that his dad gave it to him. When his mom became sick, his dad left in search for a flower that can cure Lillia's sickness, but he hasn't returned yet. Rick wonders where his dad is now and why he hasn't contacted them. His mom is quite lonely. Ah, Rick is sorry. When he looks at the watch he starts to think about his dad. He must sound boring.

Choice 1: Yeaaah, it's kind of a buzzkill... (-2000 LP)

Rick apologizes, but he's not ready to talk about it. He's going to go back downstairs and wants you to go with him. He then asks that you don't worry about what went on upstairs, as he needs to protect his sister and mother.

Choice 2: You're not boring me at all. (+3000 LP)

Rick is glad that you aren't bored by his story. You are a really good listener! Rick wants to give you the watch. You initially refuse, but Rick insists that he wants you to take care of it for him. The two of you then go back downstairs. Rick asks that you not say anything to his mom and sister. He needs to be strong while his father is gone.

(The item that Rick gives you can be placed on the trophy shelf inside of your farmhouse.)

Blue Heart Event

You walk into the inn and are greeted by Ann and Dudley. Rick notices your arrival and invites you to have some food with him.

The two of you sit down and have some lively conversation. In fact, he's found that talking with you has caused him to lose track of time! Rick tells you that it is dangerous outside this late at night and asks if he can walk you home.

Choice 1: "Would you? Thanks." (boys) or "What a gentleman! Yeah, sure." (girls) (+3000 LP)

Wonderful! The two of you can continue your chat along the way.

When you've returned to your farm, Rick tells you that he enjoyed his time with you. Your stories are really interesting! He is going to head home now, and hopes your farm work goes well.

Choice 2: Nah, that's okay. (-2000 LP)

Rick apologizes for asking. Hopefully the two of you will have another opportunity someday to continue with your conversation.

This event ends at 11:00 pm.

Yellow Heart Event

It looks like Rick is really busy with something. He scolds you for sneaking up on him, though he is still glad that you came for a visit. Unfortunately, at the moment he is busy with the shop. Rick has finished with checking inventory, and now that remains is taking care of the chickens. Currently he is stuck minding the store and can't find Popuri to take care of that task for him. You volunteer help him tend to the birds. At first he is hesitant, but realizes that there are times where he must rely on his sweetheart.

Outside in the chicken pen, one of the birds becomes a little rambunctious. Rick demands the chicken to behave, without much success, but your gentler handling of the situation calms the bird down. Rick is impressed with how you handled the rowdy chicken. After all, you are a rancher and is accustomed to taking care of animals. Rick becomes a bit discouraged, as he hasn't found a good balance between being a shopkeeper and taking proper care of their poultry.

Choice 1: You're doing your best, babe. (+3000 LP)

Your compliments make Rick blush. He admits that he wouldn't know what to do if you hadn't come along. Taking care of all the chickens by himself might have turned into a mess! Rick is gracious for your help.

Popuri and Lillia return to the poultry farm and spot the two of you together. Lillia comments on how friendly the two of you are together. Rick scolds his mom and sister for disappearing on him, but Popuri responds that it looks like you and Rick handled everything just fine.

Choice 2: Guess you've gotta try harder. (-2000 LP)

Rick is a bit disappointed that if it wasn't for your help, he wouldn't of been able to finish caring for the chickens so quickly. He thanks you for your assistance even when you're busy with your own farm. Rick will take care of the rest of the chores.

Orange Heart Event

Rick finished his farmwork and has stopped by to see if you would like to go out somewhere together. You both head out to Mother's Lake for a lunch picnic. The fresh air feels so nice! He admits that while he enjoys caring for animals, he also has a responsibility to take care of the poultry store. It's nice to get out and take a break. Rick thanks you again for helping him with the store the other day, and for being so nice to Popuri and Lillia.

Rick confides in you that he worries whether his dad will ever come home. Since Lillia's in poor health and Popuri is so young, Rick though his role was to work hard at the shop to support his mom and sister. He felt overwhelmed and that he didn't have much of a choice in the matter, and doesn't get a chance to relax at all. But then you came along, helping him with the shop and becoming friends with his family. Rick is glad that he doesn't feel so alone anymore!

Choice 1: You can lean on me more. (-2000 LP)

Oh... yea, that's true. Your words are truly encouraging, though Rick feels it would not be good to rely on you too much. He'll ask for your assistance only if he gets in over his head.

Choice 2: Let's both keep at it. (+3000 LP)

Rick is amazed that you would help him, as he's thought of himself as head of the household. He wants to support you just as much as you support him. If you are with him, Rick can take on anything!

Back at your farm, Rick thanks you for going out with him today. He had a good time and would like to go out together again another day.