Farm Degree

Like in previous editions of our farming game series, a player's activities and achievements will be tallied into a Farm Degree rank. Some versions of Bokujou Monogatari games use Farm Degree towards unlocking in-game rewards, but in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, the FD is just for personal gain.

As you play through the game, you'll earn these points that will automatically tally in the background. You can find your current point levels by going to the bookshelf inside you farm house and then selecting the Farm Degree menu. There are 10 categories of points, each with a maximum point value of 1000, for a total of 10,000 FD points.

At certain point levels you'll be assigned a Farm Degree Rank. When starting out your rank will be small, such as Egg Farmer, but it will increase as your point value increase. Your certified Farm Degree Rank will be under your Farm Profile screen: X Button to open your main menu, then tab over using the Left or Right Shoulder Button to reach the Farm Profile.

Earning Points

Shipped Points

Fished Points

Animal Points

Townspeople Points

Cooking Points

House Additions Points

Tools Points

Letters Points

Events Points

Festivals will not earn Event points. The first time you toss a Cucumber at Kappa will earn 1 point, but additional gifts of Cucumbers won't earn more events points. Celebrating your birthday, your spouse's birthday, or your child's birthday are not worth any event points. The pre-festival visitors that appear at your farm house front door (Zack for the Fetch Fest, Rick for the Cluck-Cluck Clash, etc.) do not earn event points.

Main Character Points

The 7 Rings

Farmer profile screen shot

In Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town, players could collect achievement rings that would count toward earning Heroine Points. These 7 rings are also in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, but they count towards earning 30 Farmer Points instead.

When you earn a ring you'll see an alert on your screen, but you won't see a ring. The rings will be noted on your character profile page in the game's main menu:

Bronze Ring Pedometer: Carry the little yellow device around in your rucksack, and you'll earn a ring after reaching 10,000,000 (ten million) steps. Yes, that is a ridiculous requirement and is the same as it was in the original GBA game.

The simplest way to complete the step criteria is to move the farmer into an indoor location (so time is paused), wrap a rubber band or tape over the Left Stick of your controller to make the main character run into a wall, then just leave the game to run on its own. You also need to disable the auto-sleep options in your console's configuration settings.

This method will earn about 15,000 steps per real time hour. One million steps takes about 65 hours, so you can imagine how daunting the 10 million steps task is.

Riding the horse into a wall only collects about 9000 steps per hour. It's faster to run.

Green Ring Shopping Master: This ring unlocks after you visit and make a purchase at the town shops a total of 35 times. It will then appear inside your farmhouse mailbox.

This ring is based on an internal counter that keeps track of how often you have made purchases at the shops in town. Each time you access a shop, complete your purchases, and then exit a shop's inventory, this internal counter will go up by 1. You want this counter to hit 35. Once that happens, the ring will silently appear in your mailbox without notification. The new-letter indicator above the mailbox will NOT appear; you simply have to investigate the mailbox and see if there is a ring hidden inside.

Once the shop-ring internal counter is no longer at 35, such as if you continued to buy items at the shops, this ring will be gone from the mailbox until you hit 35 again. It's a tricky little bugger!

The best way to unlock this ring is by using the technique discovered by the Japanese players of the game while tracking the shop counter that triggers Van's Favorite; it works for this ring too! The easiest way to modify your counter is with the 10 G Chicken/Rabbit Feed at Lillia's shop. Dudley's 0 G Water at the inn doesn't count as a purchase (yes, I tried). The easiest steps to unlock the ring are:

If the ring isn't there, go back to her shop, buy another bag of feed, exit her shop, and check the mailbox again. No ring? Then buy 1 more bag of feed from her, check your mailbox, and so on. Ideally, at some point you'll hit the magic 35 on your shop-ring counter, and the ring will appear in your mailbox. Since you don't know what number your shop-ring counter is currently at, you'll have to work your way through one-purchase-at-a-time until you hit 35.

Since running back and forth to Lillia's does take time, an alternate method is to save your game when inside Lillia's shop before making your first purchase. If the ring doesn't appear after buying 1 bag of feed, reload your save game and then buy 2 bags of feed (closing her shop between purchases, of course). Repeat until the ring appears.

You don't have to go to bed like you would with forcing Van's Favorite to appear, which has a shop counter of 10, as there isn't any mail delivery that takes place.

Using the Master Shopper Award on the mirror inside your farmhouse will not unlock this ring. You need to visit a shop in Mineral Town.

Some players have noted that trying for this ring at the very start of their game requires some unknown criteria before the 35-shop counter starts; possibly, players may need to make additional shop purchases before the shop ring counter starts to increment.

Blue Ring Birthday Present: On the first occurrence of your birthday after getting married, your spouse will give you this ring. Walk into your farm house after 6:00 pm to have a celebratory birthday meal with your spouse; afterwards, you'll be given this ring. You don't want to make your birthday on the same day as other post-marriage dinner events such as the Pumpkin Jamoree (Autumn 30) or Starry Night (Winter 24), as those events will occur instead of the birthday party.

Orange Ring Get Married: You'll receive a ring during the ceremony.

Purple Ring Starlight Night: If you're not married, spend the Winter 24 festival with Brandon, Cliff, Doctor, Gray, or Jennifer to earn this ring; basically, a candidate that participates in the Starlight Night party at your house. The other girl marriage candidates don't give the ring before marriage and neither does Rick, as his evening party is at the poultry shop with his mom and sister.

Another player noted that they received this ring after they were married. On Starlight Night, their spouse (Karen) did give the purple ring but only after their child was full grown and attended the evening party with them.

Indigo Ring Valentine/White Day: This ring's appearance will either be on Valentine's day (Winter 14) or White Day (Spring 14). These festivals involve the marriage candidates giving you either Chocolate (winter) or Cookies (spring) by stopping by your farm house throughout the day if they have a purple heart color (10,000 LP) or more.

The first visitor in either of these festivals that has a yellow heart color (40,000 LP) or higher will give you with this ring when you talk to them; Kai's mailbox letter could also reward you with this ring if Kai has the required affection.

You can also get this ring from your spouse if you are married before either festival takes place.

Anniversary: Receive this ring after being married for 10 years.

Farm Degree Rank Titles