Huang moves into Mineral Town on Spring 3 of your first year. The merchant will greet you as you exit your house in the morning, letting you know he'll be setting up a small shop inside of the shipper's house on the beach. Huang likes to keep an eye out for ways to make a little bit of money, even going so far as to sell so-called magical apples

After raising your friendship with Huang to 4 friendship notes (100 FP) or more, you have at least 500 G, and there's an empty slot in your rucksack, Huang will visit your farmhouse on the 4th of every season. The merchant will offer to sell you a SUGDB Apple, HMSGB Apple, or AEPFE Apple for 500 G. You can only purchase one apple per visit. Huang will visit every season on the 4th as long as you have the friendship, money, and bag space available.

Huang will also offer to sell you a Flower Vase on the 11th of the season if your on-hand money is 5000 G or more. If you reject his vase five times, Huang will stop offering to sell it to you. You must buy this Flower Vase if you want to marry Huang.

Your heart makers (love level) with Huang is invisible. Since Huang does not accept the Preserved Flower, you'll never unlock heart markers on his portrait or under the villager relationship menu inside of the game's main menu. Not knowing your current relationship status with him is part of the challenge for marrying Huang. The portrait heart marker won't appear even after you marry him.

Huang's name was Won in the original GBA game, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

Birthday: Winter 19 (primary) or Winter 21 (alternative)

Bonus LP: (None)

Rival: (None)

Schedule: Huang lives inside of Zack's house on Mineral Beach. You can visit his shop from 11:10 am (when Zack returns from Jeff's grocery store) until Zack leaves around 4:40 pm; basically, Huang is only accessible while Zack is inside his house. The door to the house is locked unless Zack is inside.

If you marry Huang, he continues to run his shop inside of Zack's house during the day, and will be gone in the morning when you wake up. Huang will return to the farmhouse at 5:00 pm.

Gift Preferences

+800 LP (+9 FP)


+500 LP (+9 FP)

Adamantite, Alexandrite, Bracelet, Diamond, Dress, Earring, Emerald, Facemask, Ancient Fossil, Gold, Golden Egg, Mithril, Moonstone, Necklace, Orichalcum, Peridot, Mythic Orb, Pink Diamond, Pirate Treasure, Ruby, Sandrose, Skin Lotion, Sunblock, Topaz

+300 LP (+3 FP)

AEPFE Apple, Apple, Aquamarine, Garnet, HMSGB Apple, Orange, Perfume, Sapphire, SUGDW Apple

Candied Peels, Orange Pastries, Orangette

-500 LP (-3 FP)

Copper, Scrape Ore, Silver

-800 LP (-9 FP)

Letter in a Bottle, Branch, Chicken Feed, Empty Can, Fish Bones, Fodder, Gold Lumber, Tomatosetta Stone, Lumber, Old Boot, Poison Mushroom, Rock, Stone, Weed

Heart Events

Huang doesn't have romantic events like the standard marriage candidates do. His main challenge is with his hidden Love Point level. Huang does not have a visible heart marker like other marriage candidates do, but you can sort your Villager List by Love Level to see where he is in comparison to others who do have a visible Love Level. Like the other candidates, Huang needs to be at 60,000 LP for marriage, and you need to own the Big Bed.

His other unique requirements are quite simple: own the Flower Vase (see above) and see his three shopkeeper events (see below).

You do not need to give a Pressed Flower to Huang. You can give him the Blue Feather after he has the necessary 60,000 LP, the Big Bed and the Flower Vase are inside your farmhouse, and you see his three shopkeeper events.

Event #1

Walk into Zack's house, and you'll find that Huang has dropped all of his apples. Unfortunately, he can't tell the difference between one apple and another apple. He thinks for a moment and realizes that nobody else can tell the difference either! Huang starts to clean up the mess when suddenly he notices that you were standing there, listening to him talk to himself!

Eeek! Huang asks if you overhead what he was saying. Huang feels that he's a sub-par merchant if not even he can tell the difference between the apples. He picks up one of the apples off the ground and hands it to you in the hopes that you'll keep quiet about this little incident, then he kicks you out of the shop so he can clean up his mess.

You'll receive either a normal Apple, a Hyper Miracle Sweet Gorgeous Beautiful (HMSGB) Apple, a Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful (SUGDW) Apple, or an Angel Eternal Pure Fresh Elegant (AEPFE) Apple.

Event #2

When you walk into Zack's place, Huang will tell you he now will buy items as well as sell them. When selling to Huang, hold the item in your hands and talk to him while standing in front of his orange-box counter. He will offer you a price, which you can accept (and sell) or reject (and keep your item).

His offered price will be random from a range of defined price points. For example, Huang's offer price for a Van's Favorite will be between 48,000 G and 57,000 G. If he offers 49,000 G, you can reject his offer and try again to see if he offers a higher price.

You can sell your products directly to Huang instead of through Zack's shipping bin. You can earn a little more money through Huang, but on the downside you will have to sell each item one at a time, rejecting offers you feel are too low, until you have sold all of your products. Huang will pay a little bit more (+5%) depending on the product being sold and the current day of the week: fish on Sundays, milk on Mondays, eggs on Tuesdays, wool on Wednesdays, cheese on Thursdays, mayonnaise on Fridays, and yarn on Saturdays.

For selling crops, wild-foraged items, and flowers, Huang's higher-offer price is based on the season the plant grows in comparison to the current season you are in:

Huang buys items that can't be shipped through Zack's shipping bin such as cooked meals, Gold Lumber, the Nature Sprite's Tea Party Invitation, the Ketchup-recipe Tomatosetta Stone, and the Fries-recipe Letter in a Bottle. Huang won't buy the purple heart event items or Cliff's Photograph.

Notable Huang-only buy item prices:

After selling a festival trophy to Huang, you can receive another for winning the animal festival again. You won't receive aanother animal festival victory trophy when you still own the trophy from the last time you won that festival in your rucksack or farm house inventory.

Event #3

Walk into the house to see Huang has his apples on the ground again. Though this time, he wants to challenge you to a game. Huang will describe each of the three special apples, shuffle them around, and then ask you to pick out the apple he calls out. The more rounds you last, the faster the apple shuffle. After you complete all 10 levels, or fail to pick the correct apple, Huang will boot you out of the house.

You can now play Huang's apple shuffle game every day at his shop. He will charge a 100 G fee to play the game. Every round, Huang will shuffle the locations of the three magical apples, and then ask you to pick the location of an apple he calls out. You'll receive Mystery Tickets when you pick the correct apple nine or fewer times, and a Mystery Flower if you pick all 10 apples correctly.

(A simple solution to getting the correct answer each time is to record Huang's apple movements using your celphone, then look through the recorded video at your leisure to review the position of the apples.)

Mystery Ticket Exchange

Mystery Tickets can be exchanged for a raffle prize at Huang's shop. Hold the ticket in your hands and talk to Huang to start the raffle drawing.

A set of three cards will appear, numbered 0 through 9. The numbers on each card will then begin to quickly rotate. Your task is to press the A Button at the correct time to try and match at least two numbers or get a three-number run to win a prize. If you match two numbers, you'll receive a random bag of seeds that Huang stocks in his shop inventory, with the quantity of seeds based on the number you matched. So for example, if you matched two 4s, you will receive 4 bags of seeds.

You'll earn +10 LP with Huang for turning in a Mystery Ticket, and +1000 LP when you hit a jackpot prize. If you have already received a jackpot-prize Record for your Record Player, you will only earn +10 LP.

For winning records 16, 17, and 18 on the same day, the matching 3 numbers must be of a different sequence. For example, if you win Record #17 with 6-7-8, then you have to get a different 3-number match (e.g., 2-3-4) to win another record that same day, as a second 6-7-8 match that same day will not reward you with a record prize. Winning records 19 and 20 work best if they are won on different days.

If your tool pocket is full and Huang cannot award you with the seed prize, then you will lose the seeds. He will not send them to your toolbox storage.

Mystery Flower

The prize you receive for completing 10 rounds of Huang's apple shuffle game is a Mystery Flower. You can sell this flower back to Huang for between 78,000 G and 86,000 G. You can also give this flower as an offering to the Harvest Goddess. After you give her 10 Mystery Flowers, she will reward you with a Goddess' Present. This special flower can be sold to Huang for 1 million G (he doesn't offer a high/low price).

You can give more than one Mystery Flower to the HG every day. She will let you know how many gifts are remaining until she gives you a special present in return. You can also collect (and sell) more than one Goddess Present.