Autumn Festivals

Concert - Autumn 3

On Autumn 2, Carter will stop by your farmhouse in the morning to ask you about participating in the music concert taking place the next evening. You can accept his invitation or tell him that you don't want to help him.

Walk to the church between 6:00 pm and midnight on the night of the 3rd, and you'll see Carter waiting outside the front door of the building. Tell him that you're ready. Once Carter welcomes you inside, you can earn +5 FP with each villager that you talk to.

Talk to Carter again to start the concert. If you told him the day before that you would join in, you will be assigned to play the orcarina during the song. You'll also earn an additional +10 FP with each of the attending villagers. If not, you will simply watch the girls' song and not receive the extra Friendship Points.

Mom's Memorial - Autumn 5

This isn't a festival, but it is an annual event that occurs on Autumn 5. This day is the only day of the year that you won't find Dudley somewhere inside his inn. Walk up to the summit of Mother's Hill between 6:00 am and 5:00 pm to find the innkeeper all alone. He will explain that today is the anniversary of the death of his wife, so he spends it reflecting on her life.

This event is not worth any Farm Points.

Harvest Festival - Autumn 9

Today the villagers will get together to cook a tasty pot luck stew using ingredients that everyone contributes to the meal. You also will be bringing something edible to add to the large pot. Walk into Rose Plaza between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm to participate. You'll earn +5 FP with each of the villagers you talk to before starting the feast.

Hold the food item you want to submit to the meal and then talk to Mayor Thomas. Ideally, you want to offer him ingredients that have a positive increase to stamina recovery: milk, eggs, and vegetables are good choices to add to the pot. Bad ingredients include Poison Mushroom or Red Grass. A good ingredient will result in a meal that recovers your stamina, while a bad ingredient will result in a meal that expends your current stamina. Bad ingredients don't negatively affect friendship with the villagers either.

You will return to your farmhouse at 6:00 pm after exiting Rose Plaza.

Moonlight Night - Autumn 13

On the evening of the 13th, walk up the path to the summit of Mother's Hill between 6:00 pm and midnight to watch the moon and stars. The person waiting for you at the summit will be the normal marriage candidate that has the highest affection level with you with a green heart color or higher. You cannot select which candidate will be waiting; you get what you get! Talk to the person to be asked if you want to watch the moon. You can accept or reject your mystery date's offer. Accepting the invitation will earn +1000 LP. Rejecting won't negatively impact that person's love level.

If you happen to be holding Moon Dumplings when you accept the person's invitation, half-way through the event you'll hand the dessert over as a gift. Your date will acknowledge that you made an evening-themed treat for them to eat. You'll then earn an additional +1000 LP for bringing a snack! This only works with Moon Dumplings.

The recipe for Moon Dumplings is learned by watching the Delicious Cooking show on your tv set. You'll need to combine Dango Flour with the Seasoning Set. The flour is sold at Jeff's general store for 100 G each.

If you are married, your only date option is your spouse.

This event ends at 6:00 am back at your farmhouse.

Autumn Derby - Autumn 18

On Autumn 17, you'll bump into Mayor Thomas in the morning as you exit your farmhouse. He'll invite you to the Horse Races that take place the next day in Rose Plaza. If you have an adult horse, he'll ask if you want to participate in the race. If you agree to participate, he'll temporarily take your horse from you for the next day's race.

Between 10:00 am until 6:00 pm, head to Rose Plaza to watch the ponies. You'll earn +5 FP with each villager you talk to in the plaza. During the festival, there will be three races that take place. Talk to Thomas at the betting booth to either 1) start the race, 2) buy betting tickets, or 3) exchange tickets for prizes.

If you want to bet some money on the ponies, you'll be presented with a roster of the four horses participating in that race. The smaller the horse's estimated odds, the higher the chance that horse will be the winner. For example, if Horse #1 has a 5-odd chance and Horse #2 has a 26-odd chance, then most likely Horse #1 is going to reach the finish line faster than Horse #2. Though that's not 100% guaranteed! If your horse comes in first place, you'll earn the number of medals based on the number of tickets you buy multiplied by the horse's odds. So if Horse #1 won and you had purchased 10 tickets on that horse before the start of the race, you will receive 50 tickets (5 x 10 = 50).

Each ticket costs 100 G. You can buy as many tickets as you have available funds on hand as well as buy tickets for multiple horses. After your bet is finished, the race will begin. You'll be awarded with medals, or possibly nothing at all, based on the results of the race.

Your farm horse will always participate in the third race of the day. You can even buy tickets and bet on yourself if you're confident that you'll win. During the race, a colored stamina bubble will appear above your horse's head. Press the A button over and over to spur your horse forward! As your horse gets tired, the stamina indicator will change from green to yellow and then to red. Stop pressing the A Button when your horse becomes exhausted and let it rest until its stamina recovers a bit, then start pressing A again. You'll need to time your button presses to keep your pace and beat the other three competitors. Winning the race with your own horse will reward you with an additional +20 FP with the villagers in the plaza. You'll receive a Power Berry the first time you win a horse race.

You can still exchange medals after the third race is over. Your unspent medals will carry over to the next horse race festival. The prizes you can exchange medals for are:

Prize NameMedalsSell Profit
Truth Jewel1000---
Power Berry900---
Dress25011,800 G to 12,700 G (to Huang)
Perfume1505800 to 6700 G (to Huang)
Facemask421800 G to 2700 G (to Huang)
Skin Lotion351680 G to 1770 G (to Huang)
Sunblock301480 G to 1570 G (to Huang)
Necklace201800 G (to Zack)
1780 G to 1880 G (to Huang)
Brooch181800 G (to Zack)
1780 G to 1880 G (to Huang)
Diamond14100 G (to Zack)
Matsutake10500 G (to Zack)
Adamantite450 G (to Zack)

The Truth Jewel and Power Berry are one-time prizes. The other items can be exchanged multiple times and shipped via your shipping bin to earn a tidy little profit. You can exchange as many tickets as you have empty space in your rucksack to receive the prize items. The best for-profit item is the Broach for 18 tickets and shipped for 1800 G.

The Dress and Perfume appear as medal prizes after the Truth Jewel and Power Berry are collected.

Exit the plaza to be transported back to your farm (along with your horse) at 6:00 pm. Thomas' booth will return at the next horse race.

Fluffy Festival - Autumn 21

On the morning of the 20th, Mugi will visit your farmhouse door and ask if you want to submit an animal entry into the next day's Fluffy Festival. You can enter a rabbit, sheep, or alpaca as long as it 1) not pregnant, and 2) it has its fur. Animals that have recently been sheered do not qualify for this festival. Consider not sheering your alpaca and sheep by the 13th to ensure they can regrow their wool by the 20th. Rabbits regrow their fur in 5 days, so their last cut-date would be the 15th. Remember to tell any animal care-assigned Nature Sprites to stop working, else they may trim the fur, and you won't have a valid entry by the 20th.

Head to Rose Plaza on the 21st. The festival will take place between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. You'll earn +5 FP for talking to each villager in the plaza. When you're ready, speak to Mugi to initiate his judging. He'll move from animal to animal until he declares a winner. If you do win, you'll earn an additional +20 FP with each of the villagers in the plaza. You'll also receive the Fluffy Festival Trophy if it is your first time winning.

Your winning alpaca, rabbit, or sheep can now produce Gold or Platinum quality products if it has 8 or more hearts of affection.

You can sell the Fluffy Festival victory trophy to Huang for 48,000 G to 57,000 G. You'll receive another Fluffy Festival trophy if you win again and if you don't have an existing Fluffy Festival trophy in your rucksack or farm house.

Pumpkin Jamboree - Autumn 30

Throughout the morning you'll receive young visitors looking for tasty snacks. Mei will wait in front of your farmhouse from 6:00 am until 7:00 am; Yu will visit between 8:00 am and 9:00 am; and finally, Popuri stops by between 10:00 am and 11:00 am. Giving Mei and Yu a dessert will increase your friendship with them by 20 FP; however, you'll earn +1000 LP with Popuri if you give her a sweet too.

You can give something as simple as a Chocolate bar from Jeff's store, or you can make an easy dish like Baked Yam (Yam + Oven) or Baked Apple (Apple + Frying Pan). The recipe card needs to note the recipe category as a "dessert" to be a valid dish for the Pumpkin Festival.

Once you're married, a second celebration takes place inside of your farmhouse. Walk inside between 6:00 pm and midnight to have a dessert party with your spouse (and child if you have one). You'll receive +1000 LP with your spouse and +20 FP with your child. This second event isn't available for those who marry Kappa or the Goddess.

Popuri stops participating in the frontdoor visitors portion of the Pumpkin Festival if you marry her. She will participate in the sweet evening dessert party instead.