Health and Wellness

How long you can work with your tools is dependant on your overall health. The healthier you are, the longer you can do farm work. Surviving the pitfalls in the mines also require high health levels.

Your health contains two components:

Your activity levels will rely on your stamina and fatigue. At the start of the game, you'll have 10 Power Berries of stamina worth 150 points. When working on the farm, your stamina will start at a high value and decrease to zero, while your fatigue will begin at zero and increases to 100. If your fatigue ever reaches 100 points, regardless of how many stamina points you still have, your farmer will pass out. The farmer will stay at the Mineral Town clinic for the remainder of the day.

Stamina Management

When you use a tool, you'll decrease your stamina points by a certain amount. Most of the tools only affect your Strength a little bit, but tools like the Cursed ones will zap a large number of stamina points every time you use one.

Paying Saibara to remodel your tools will make them more efficient, but it also increases the amount of stamina used when swinging the tools.

ToolLevel 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Fishing Pole2 STA2 STA2 STA2 STA2 STA2 STA2 STA
Hammer2 STA4 STA5 STA8 STA10 STA15 STA20 STA
Sickle2 STA3 STA5 STA7 STA10 STA15 STA20 STA
Watering Can2 STA4 STA6 STA8 STA10 STA15 STA20 STA

Dropping down a pitfall in the Spring Mine or Lake Mine will also result in STA loss. A 1-floor drop is -20 STA, two floors is -30 STA, three floors is -40 STA, four floors is -60 STA, and five floors is -70 STA.

Fatigue Management

The fatigue level is noted by the face icon. Ideally, you want to keep your fatigue as low as possible, because if your fatigue reaches 100 points, your farmer will pass out even though you still have stamina to use up. When you do use all of your stamina, using your tools will start to add to your fatigue value. This face will reflect your current fatigue level.


1 to 49

50 to 79

80 to 100

You mainly earn fatigue as you use your tools or going to bed too late. For example, you will receive +1 FAT every time you use a tool outside while it is raining or snowing, or if you are still tooling around after 10:00 pm. This will increase to +2 FAT per swing once it reaches midnight. Using your tools when you have 0 STA will also add +2 FAT for every tool swing.

Fatigue can also accumulate when you go to bed after midnight. At the time the clock changes to 12:00 am, you'll earn +3 FAT. AT 2:00 am you'll earn another +4 FAT. Then at 4:00 am you'll get another +4 FAT. If you happen to be out in the early morning and see the low stamina animations for just standing around, it is because you hit the hour marks that increased your fatigue. You will earn +10 FAT at 6:00 am if you don't go to bed at all that day.

The cursed tools will also hit you with a +10 FAT penalty for each swing of the cursed equipment.

Health Recovery

Running out of stamina doesn't mean you are done working. There are various ways you can recover your stamina and continue with your day.

Eating Food

Dudley's Inn and Kai's Beach Cafe sells pre-made meals that you can eat to recover your health. These meals are eaten at the time you purchase them. You can buy more than one meal at each shop visit, but you have to buy each one individually.

You can also use your kitchen for cooking meals to carry around in your bag. All edible items will reveal the stamina/health recovery when eaten. You can see the values by opening your main menu (X Button), go to the Rucksack menu, and then move the bag cursor to the edible item. The amount of fatigue and stamina are noted in the upper-left corner of the food. For example, Mixed Juice will recover -20 Fatigue and +50 Stamina.

It is easier to eat meals from within the rucksack menu than from the main world screen. When in world-view mode, pressing Up on the right Joycon directional pad will take the food from your bag, then pressing the Y Button will cause the farmer to eat one piece of food at a time. Instead, navigate to the rucksack menu, where pressing the Y Button on the selected meal allows you to eat multiple of a stacked meal without having to wait for the farmer's eating animation to play. The rucksack menu also notes how much total health you'll recover.

Watch out for Red Grass, the only edible item that is missing the minus ("-") on the fatigue recovery value. Eating this wild grass will increase fatigue instead of decrease fatigue.


You may notice that bedtime does NOT always recover your stamina to 100% in the morning. The amount of health you recover by sleeping depends on how early you go to bed for the night. For stamina recovery, you'll restore 50 points plus 7 points for every hour you were asleep. For fatigue recovery, you'll restore 5 points plus 2 points for every hour you were sleeping. Your farmer wakes up at 6:00 am regardless of what time you went to bed the night before.

Your farmer will also eat food when they get out of bed in the morning. When first starting your farming adventure, breakfast may be something as simple as Bread or Onigiri. This food is eaten for free; you don't need to have it stored in your inventory.

For example, if you went to bed at 11:00 pm and randomly ate Bread for breakfast (+2 STA, -0 FAT), you would recover 101 stamina and 19 fatigue:

After you obtain a kitchen and start cooking your meals, the breakfast options will start to change to random meals that you have successfully cooked. Just like with the pre-kitchen breakfasts, you don't need to have the meal pre-cooked or have the necessary ingredients stored in your refrigerator or rucksack.

Hot Spring

The warm waters of the mountain spa can recover your health, and it is free to use! The hot spring is south of your farm, next to the Goddess' pond. Each in-game minute soak in the water will recover your stamina by 1 point and decrease your fatigue by 1 point. The downside is the amount of time it takes to sit and do nothing until you have recovered your health.

The Gems

You may discover Goddess Orbs and Kappa Orbs while mining. There are 9 of each type of orb. Each one is located on specific floors of their respected mines:

These round jewels are randomly found in the rocks on the specified floors. There's a wild save/reload dance you have to go through to collect them all. Once you locate the last orb from the set, you'll receive either the Goddess Gem or the Kappa Gem.

Equipping these tools from your rucksack will restore your health. The Goddess Gem will recover 1 stamina for every in-game minute you have the gem equipped, while the Kappa Gem will recover 1 fatigue for every in-game minute you have the gem equipped.

The Flower Vase

On Spring 3 of your first year, you'll meet merchant Huang. He will set up a shop in Zack's house on Mineral Beach. On the 11th, he'll stop by your farmhouse in the morning and offer to sell you a Flower Vase if you have more than 5000 G on hand. After purchase, the vase will be inside of the farmhouse, next to the calendar.

Placing flowers in this vase can also recover your health. Every morning you will recover either stamina or fatigue depending on the flower set in the Flower Vase. There's also a chance that the cut flower will naturally wilt and disappear in the morning, but if you're lucky the flower will last for its maximum bloom time:

You can toss a new flower into the vase at any time.

If you decline Huang's vase, he'll stop by on the 11th four more times. He will stop offering the vase to you after the fifth time you turn him down. At that point, there's NO way to obtain the Flower Vase.

Power Berries

While you start the game with 150 points of stamina (10 Power Berries) you can increase your total stamina by locating more Power Berries. There are 10 hidden Power Berries that add a total of 150 additional stamina points.

Work Your Field

Simple enough! Take your hoe and dig around your crop field. The berry will eventually turn up. You don't need a minimum Hoe level to discover the berry.

Goddess Offerings

You'll unlock rewards as you toss gifts into the Harvest Goddess' pond by the Hot Spring. After you throw 10 offerings into her pond (one gift per day), the Harvest Goddess will reward you with a Power Berry.

Medal Exchange

During the Spring Horse Race and the Fall Horse Race, you can place bets on the ponies to earn medals when your chosen horse comes in first place. Mayor Thomas manages a booth in Rose Plaza, where you can exchange your medals for nifty rewards. The top prize at the medal exchange booth is a Power Berry that costs 900 medals.

Horse Race Champion

After you own an adult horse, you can participate in the Spring Horse Race and the Fall Horse Race. You and your pony will run in the third race of the festival. You will be rewarded with a Power Berry the first time you take first place in either the spring or fall horse derby.

Beach Opening Day

Summer 1 is the annual Beach Opening Day, where one of your adult farm pets can compete to see how far they can successfully catch a frisbee disc. Taking first place in the frisbee toss will reward you with a Power Berry.

Ocean Fishing

Upgrade your fishing pole to level 5 (Mithril) and then go fishing on Mineral Beach during the winter season. Casting your line into the water using a level 5 charge may result in catching a Power Berry.

In the Spring Mine

The all-season Spring Mine, so-called because it is next to the hot spring, is 255 floors deep. There is a Power Berry hidden in the dirt on floor 100 of the mine. Use your hoe on the ground, and you might discover it.

In the Lake Mine

There is also a Power Berry hidden in the dirt on floor 19 of the Lake Mine. This mine is located in the middle of the lake on Mother's Hill. This mine can be reached during winter when you can walk across the frozen lake water to the mine's entrance. The other way to reach this mine is to obtain the Travel Stone on the 255th floor of the Spring Mine once you are in year 3 or later. The Travel Stone allows you to warp yourself to the Lake Mine all year long.

Behind the Lake Mine

This berry is only accessible during winter when the lake water freezes. Walk across the ice, behind the entrance of the Lake Mine, then press the A Button to discover the hidden Power Berry.

Grocery Shopping

The general store in Mineral Town sells a variety of goods, including a Power Berry. The berry costs 10,000 G. It appears in the store after you upgrade your farmhouse to the largest size and you purchase the Rug and the Big Bed from Gotts' store.

In the original GBA game, this berry was featured on TV Shopping. Since that channel isn't available on the television in the Switch remake, the berry was moved to Jeff's store.

The Special Blue Berry

There is a unique Power Berry that doesn't add to your strength points, but it does benefit your overall stamina. To aquire this berry, toss a Cucumber into the lake water on Mother's Hill for a total of 10 days. Each time you throw a Cucumber, the mysterious Kappa will appear and give you a look of annoyance. On the 10th day that you've tossed a cucumber into his lake water, Kappa will give you this special Blue Berry with the hope that you'll leave him alone.

The purpose of the berry is to reduce the amount of fatigue that you accumulate by half. Usually when you use tools in certain situations, you'll add points to your fatigue. For example, using a tool outside when it is raining will add +1 FAT point to your overall fatigue. This special berry will cut that by 50%, allowing you to conserve your fatigue and work for longer before reaching 100 FAT and passing out.