Basil is a plant enthusiast who moved to Mineral Town to study the biological diversity of the plants around Mother's Hill. He has written many botany books and plans to write another book about the unique plants around town. His books can be found in the Library next door to his house. His daughter, Marie, makes them available to anyone who wants to borrow them.

Since Basil spends a lot of time indoors writing his books, you won't find him outside his house very often. It's said that if one does what they love, they'll never work a day in their lives. Basil finds it ironic that his love for outdoor plants leads him to write about them, but as a result the priority he places on documenting the local plants means he doesn't have the time to go outside.

Birthday: Summer 11

Schedule: Basil spends most of his week inside his house, either upstairs or downstairs depending on the time of day. He does get out of the house to enjoy some time at the inn from 7:00 pm until it closes at 10:00 pm. You can go upstairs once you have 4 friendship notes or more with Basil.

On Mondays, Basil heads to the meadow area next to Mother's Lake. He'll stay there until about 9:00 am, when he then returns home to write by 10:00 am. If it is rainy or snowy on Monday, Basil forgoes his trip to the hill.

Gift Preferences

+9 FP

Black Grass, Green Grass, Matsutake, Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Red Grass, White Grass, Wild Grape

Elli Leaves, Mixed Juice, Mixed Smoothie, Orange Juice, Relaxtea Leaves, Vegetable Juice

+3 FP

AEPFE Apple, Apple, Azduki Beans, Blue Grass, Blue Magic Red Flower, Bread, Carrot, Corn, HMSGB Apple, Honey, Hot-Spring Egg, Indigo Grass, Moondrop Flower, Onigiri, Orange, Orange Grass, Perfume, Pineapple, Pinkcat Flower, Potato, Premium Grape Juice, Purple Grass, Spinach, SUGDW Apple, Toy Flower, True Magic Red Flower, Yellow Grass, Yam

Baked Apple, Baked Yam, Baumkuchen, Cake, Candied Peels, Cheese Fondue, Cheese Risotto, Chocolate Cookies, Churros, Dorayaki, French Toast, Grape Juice, Ice Cream, Ketchup, Mashed Potatoes, Napolitan, Okonomiyaki, Orange Pastries, Orangette, Palbochae, Pancakes, Pineapple Juice, Popcorn, Raisin Bread, Relax Tea, Roasted Corn, Salad, Sandwich, Tempura Soba, Wild Grape Water

-3 FP

all alpaca fleece, all angora fur, all sheep wool, all yarn, Large Fish, Medium Fish, Pet Treat, Small Fish

Aqua Pazza, Carpaccio, Fish Fritters, Fish Soup, Grilled Fish, Paella, Sashimi, Seafood Rice Bowl, Sushi

-9 FP

all gems, all ores, Ancient Fossil, Boot, Bottled Message, Chicken/Rabbit Feet, Empty Can, Fish Bones, Fodder, Gold Lumber, Lumber, Material Stone, Pirate Treasure, Tomatosetta Stone