Doctor's Heart Events

Black Heart

Visit the Clinic on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. As you walk into the office, Doctor will ask if you're a patient. He then notices that you're not one of the villagers. After he realizes you're the new farmer he introduces himself. If you ever start feeling bad then come visit him! He says the villagers are healthy people compared to those living in the city, but there is always need for someone in the medical field.

Doctor is already worried about your health. Running a farm is hard work! He then asks if you could try a new medicine that came from another town. It's suppose to regain a person's strength and fatigue at the same time. Doctor doesn't think it's effective enough and isn't sure if he should sell it at the Clinic. It's been improved but he thinks it's still too bitter. If you choose to drink it (O...Okay) he'll be happy that you're up to the challenge (eek!) and he hands you a dose of medicine.

Holy smokes it tastes bad. Yuck! He pretty much guessed that it still isn't tasty, but asks if it was effective. You nervously nod your head and he's happy, but you decline to take another drink! Oh well, he thanks you for helping him out anyway.

Purple Heart

Head to the Clinic on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. As you walk in and head towards the office, Doctor is glad to see you've come to visit. He's had a new medicine delivered to him (ut oh, not again!). If you don't flee (option #2) he'll rejoice. He's glad you have an interest in this! Doctor will ask you to wait in his office, then he'll go to Elli's counter to pick up the new medicine. He says this time you'll enjoy it because this medicine is suppose to recover your strength and fatigue at the same time. This one should be twice as effective as the last one he had you try. You're a little hesitant to drink it though!

He think it will taste the same as the last time, but you agree to give it a try. After you drink his medicine you don't feel so good. Doctor calls for Elli to hurry to his office.

When you wake up, Doctor apologizes for your condition. When Doc tried the medicine earlier he didn't feel such a negative affect. You're already beginning to feel better, and so Elli suggests maybe he needs to stop asking you to drink his medicine.

Blue Heart

You must own the largest Rucksack to see this event.

Visit the Clinic on any day except Wednesday, between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. As you enter the building Elli will ask you how your farm is doing. She then mentions that the Doctor wants to give you something. If you ask her what it is (option 1) she'll ask you to go into his office.

Doctor is happy to see you and says he wants to give you something. He wants to try a different type of healing technique that is popular in the city. The gift he gives you is the Negative Ion and he says it will help you to relax. Doctor says he's beginning to believe the best way to heal people is to make them happy.

Yellow Heart

This event can occur on Friday, Saturday, or Monday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. As you walk in the door Elli tells you that the Doctor's appearance has been strange lately. She has seen him thinking deeply and she can't seem to talk to him.

Go speak with Doctor. He is surprised that Elli is worried about him. Doctor says he has been thinking of various things today, like his patients. He thinks that people feel uneasy around him and he has been thinking how to make that not happen anymore. If you suggest that it's good to have and open heart (option 1) he will agree with you. He says it's wonderous that a person's troubles go away when they talk about it. You have made him feel a lot better.

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