Town Layout

World Map

When you start your game in Mineral Town, you will start out on your Farmland. There's lots of area around you to explore! If you walk through the south exit on your farm, you'll reach the forest area. If you walk north, you'll walk into the village center.

All of the residents live in houses except for Gourmet Man, who only appears during the Cooking Festival. You can always go into the houses to talk to the folks who live there. If you become good friends with the residents, they might let you go into their upstairs area or go behind their locked doors.

To become friends with the people, you'll have to give them gifts. Check out the villagers page to find out what each person likes. You can also lower your friendship with people! Villagers don't like people who throw garbage on the ground. That's why there's a Garbage Can in Rose Plaza. If you throw trash around Mineral Town, you'll lower your friendship with everybody in the village! If you throw trash around while inside someone's house, you'll only effect the friendship level with the people who live there.

Ellen's House
  • Ellen
  • Stu
  • Elli
Mayor's House
  • Mayor Thomas
  • Harris
General Store
  • Jeff
  • Karen
  • Sasha
Mineral Clinic
  • Doctor
  • Elli
Beach Shack
  • Zack
Sprite Hut
  • Harvest Sprites
Aja Winery
  • Manna
  • Duke
Doug's Inn
  • Doug
  • Ann
  • Basil
  • Anna
  • Mary
  • Carter
Snack Shack
  • Kai
  • Saibara
  • Gray
Poultry Farm
  • Lilia
  • Popuri
  • Rick
Yodel Ranch
  • Barley
  • May

Cliff and Won don't have permanents home so they are only affected by trash if you throw it around the general village pathways.

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