Family events

When you finally get to marry your honey the two of you will appear at Carter's Church for the ceramony. Once it's completed, the credits for the game will appear. That doesn't mean the game is over! As soon as the credits finish, you will appear back in your house with your new husband. The first think he'll ask you is what pet-name you would like him to call you. You can select one of the choices or create your own special name.

Depending on who you marry, you might have a stay-at-home husband or you might have one who goes off to work every day. You don't earn any income from the husbands who leave every morning for their job, and the homebodies just walk around the table all day long. The husbands won't even help you with any of the farm chores!

If you ignore your husband for 10 days, in the morning he'll wake up and complain that he feels ill. He decides he's going to stay in bed all day long! You don't earn any points for making him sick, but you should feel guilty for not talking to him for 10 days! Bad, bad you! He'll be back up and running the next morning. You'll only see this occur once.

On the Spring Thanksgiving your husband will put Chocolate Cookies in your Rucksack if you go to bed after 7:00 pm.

Instead of being invited to dinner on the Starry Festival your family will cook you a meal. Enter your house before 6:00 pm to see your dinner event.

Your husband will be around to celebrate Birthdays every year. Walk into your house after 6:00 pm and before midnight. He'll make a meal and then ask you who's birthday it is today. If you guess correctly (your's, his, or your baby's) he'll be pleased and you can eat a nice meal together. If it's your first birthday since you were wed together, he will also give you one of the 7 Rings.

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