Cliff's Heart Events

Black Heart

Go into the Mineral Church on Tuesday or Thursday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. Carter welcomes you and asks that you listen to his request. He says that the person sitting to the left is Cliff and he's had a bad year. Carter is asking that you talk to Cliff to help cheer him up. Cliff is new to Mineral Town too, just like you are. Cliff isn't a very talkative person.

Walk up to Cliff and he'll introduce himself. Carter's right, he does seem very sad! Cliff can't figure out why you're talking to him and asks if he has something on his face. He learns you're just trying to cheer him up, so he apologizes for seeming so tense. Tell him to Relax and he'll cheer up a little bit. Cliff says he's looking forward to talking to you again.

Purple Heart

This one can be tough to find at the Church if it's before you've seen the Fall Wine Harvest event. If it's before, you can see this on Monday, Wednesdays, or any rainy day at exactly 4:00 pm. If it's after the Wine event then you can see this from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

When you walk into the Church, Carter and Cliff will be inside. Carter says he's been talking to Cliff about having dinner at the Church and Cliff asks if you would like to dine together with them. You automatically agree. Carter says Ann will be bringing dinner by later, but in the meantime he would like the place cleaned up a little bit.

Suddenly Carter says he hears someone who needs his guidance from the Confessional booth. He goes to the booth and leaves you and Cliff alone together! Cliff is a little baffled, but asks if you would help him since Carter left. Tell him you will (option 2) and the two of you will get to work.

Carter will return once the cleaning is finished. He thanks the two of you for working on the meal. Now you all can enjoy it together. You'll exit the Church at 7:00 pm.

Blue Heart

You must own the largest Rucksack to see this event.

You can trigger this event by walking from Town screen north of your farm towards the Town screen where the Winery is located. The days are Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm. This event can only occur after you have invited Cliff to the Fall Wine Harvest event.

You'll find Duke and Cliff talking together. Their work is done for the day, at least in Duke's opinion. Cliff is more than willing to continue working, but Duke tells him Manna worries about him working so much.

Duke will spot you walking by and ask to come over. He then suggests to Cliff that he take you up to Mother's Hill! Cliff stutters and says he has to keep working, but Duke boots him out of the vineyard.

At the top of Mother's Hill, Cliff apologizes for Duke's behavior. He enjoys the lifestyle of the town and says he really enjoys helping others. Cliff asks if you like working on your farm and you can tell him you like it (option 1) or you don't like it. He is glad to hear you too like to work and he enjoys working in the winery. Cliff then give you a Flower Decoration that he had created.

Yellow Heart

Walk into the Winery's house on Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Inside you'll find Duke and Manna gossiping to each other. Duke is wondering if Manna doesn't care about Cliff, but Manna scolds him and says she does care, but she doesn't overly worry about him. It is none of their business what "they" do.

The two of them will then notice that you've walked in. They both greet you and Duke wants to ask a question. Manna tells him to mind his own business but Duke doesn't understand what's so bad about worrying for his family? Duke then asks you what you think Cliff's bad parts are. You can reply that he thinks too much (option 1) or nothing strikes you as being bad.

Duke and Manna are glad that you do understand him well to see that he does have his faults. Cliff walks in and tells them that he's done with the day's work. Duke then explains that you've come to have dinner with him! Cliff is glad to hear that and the two of you head to the Inn for a meal.

Cliff walks you home that evening and thanks you for dining with him.

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