Rival events

The 5 main bachelors have rivals that will challenge you for the boy's hands in marriage. Cliff's rival is Ann, Gray's rival is Mary, Kai's rival is Popuri, Rick's rival is Karen, and Doctor's rival is Elli. The rival also have their own series of heart-based events. If you trigger all 4 events then the boy will marry the other girl!

The 4 rival events will trigger when the bachelor's heart color is Black, Blue, Green, and Orange. The Green event won't happen until you've at least reached your 2nd year in the game, and the Orange one won't occur until your 4th year. That gives you 4 years to pick which boy you want to marry.

If you've raised a bachelor's heart all the way up to the Red color, the rival events won't trigger any more! The boy is so infatuated with you that no other girl can come between him and you. You can see the other boys' rival events again until after you get married to your bachelor. If you're very good friends with the rival girl and her boy, they will invite you to their wedding.

Each rival event you trigger is worth 5 Event points and a couple of Villager points.

Cliff's Rival Events

Doctor's Rival Events

Gray's Rival Events

Kai's Rival Events

Rick's Rival Events

Kappa, Won, and Gourmet don't have any rivals for their affection.

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