The farm house that you start out in is very small, but it will be fine for a new farmer and her dog. As you progress on your farm the house may become too small for you. When you want to enlarge your house go talk with Gotz, the carpenter of Mineral Town. His house is in the woods behind your farm.

Before you can upgrade the farm house you're going to need a good supply of Lumber. You can buy Lumber from Gotz for 50 G a piece, or you can chop it yourself. Around Mother's Hill will be tree stumps that you can destroy using your Ax. Once a day you can go around smashing the stumps. Each stump will yield 6 pieces of Lumber and they will grow back the next day.

You'll need to upgrade your farm house if you plan on getting married. Who is going to want to live in a tiny one-room house? To upgrade go to Gotz's house and talk to him behind his counter. You will have to select the first house upgrade before the second one will appear.

Wood 50 G each, buys you 1 piece of wood
Golden Wood 100,000 G each, appears after you collect 999 wood
House upgrade #1 3,000 G + 200 wood
House upgrade #2 10,000 G + 700 wood
Bathroom 30,000 G + 580 wood
Window redesign 25,000 G + 300 wood
Dog House redesign 20,000 G + 500 wood
Mailbox redesign 10,000 G + 200 wood

After you've upgraded your house twice, you can get the option to redesign the mailbox, dog house, and windows. You can also have a bathroom installed! The redesigns are just for decoration, but the bathroom can help you regain lost Stamina if you use it. Spending time in the bathroom will take 30 minutes out of your day.

Red Mailbox

Blue Mailbox

Odd Mailbox

Red Dog House

Blue Dog House

Odd Dog House

Window with shutters

Window without shutters

Round Window

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