Your one animal barn holds the cows and sheep you raise on your farm. You can have a total of 8 animals at first, but if you have it upgraded by Gotz it will be able to contain 16 animals. You don't have to own 8 cows and 8 sheep if you didn't want to. You could have 14 cows and only 2 sheep if you liked.

Your first cow and sheep have to be purchased from Barley down at Yodel Ranch. After you give your animal a name, Barley will have it delivered to your barn. Your first sheep's wool can be harvested right away, but your first cow can't be milked! Barley's sheep are adults but his cows are only medium size. You'll have to wait until your cow becomes an adult before you can collect any milk.

After you have your new animals and you want more of them, you can go back to Yodel Ranch or you can have your adult animals produce babies. You can buy the Cow M.Potion and Sheep M.Potions at Barley's Ranch. To use the potion, just walk up to your animal and press the B button. Any cow you would like to make into a "mommy" cow must be healthy, but the mommy sheep must have her wool. If you use a Sheep M.Potion on a sheep that doesn't have any wool, you've just accidentally wasted a 3000 G item.

A pregnant cow or sheep take 20 days before she gives birth. A cow will give birth to a small cow and a sheep will give birth to a medium sheep. Small cows take 14 days to grow into medium sized cows. Medium cows take 7 days to grow into adult cows. Newborn sheep only take 14 days before they become adults.

Of course you could just go and buy a new medium-size cow or adult sheep from Barley, so what's the advantage of growing your own? When a new four-legged animal is born on your farm, it can randomly have 0 to 4 hearts on it's love gauge. When you just go buy a cow (for 5000 G) or sheep (for 4000 G), the new animal won't have any hearts at all. Your new baby cow could start giving Medium Milk as soon as it becomes an adult instead of Small Milk if you had purchased the cow.

To make Cheese and Yarn, you'll first have to upgrade your animal barn so it can hold 16 animals. After that Saibara will have the Cheese and Yarn Makers for sale in his shop for 20,000 G each. You'll also have to dig down in the Spring Mine to find the Adamantite he requires to build the Makers.

Milk (S) 100 G Adult cow with 0 - 3 hearts
Milk (M) 150 G Adult Cow with 4 - 7 hearts
Milk (L) 200 G Adult cow with 8 - 10 hearts
Milk (G) 300 G Win the Cow Festival.
Milk (P) 500 G Win the Cow Festival + 600 hours of outdoor time.
Milk (X) 800 G Rare milk from P Milk cow OR follow recipe (Milk (S) + Milk (M) + Milk (L) + Milk (G) + Milk (P)).
Wool (S) 100 G Sheep with 0 - 3 hearts.
Wool (M) 400 G Sheep with 4 - 7 hearts.
Wool (L) 500 G Sheep with 8 - 10 hearts.
Wool (G) 600 G Win the Sheep Festival.
Wool (P) 1000 G Win the Sheep Festival + 600 hours of outdoor time.
Wool (X) 2000 G Rare wool from P Wool sheep.

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