Television Listings

Inside of your farm house you'll find your television set. Every day you will be able to watch a couple of different shows. Some are important for your everyday life, while others are just educational.

To use the television, walk up to it and press the A Button. To change the channel, press up, left, down, or right on the directional pad on your Gameboy Advance.

Every day you can check the upcoming weather report by watching the top channel on the tv. You can also learn about upcoming events from the right "news" channel, and get tips about farming on the bottom "Life On the Farm" show. The bottom channel will change at night time to a more basic format. Each day the left "variety" channel will show something different. During the time period of the New year you will see a end-year special and get to play the Harvest Goddess Hi-Low game.

After you fork over the dough to get the Town Cottage you will get another television set to watch. This tv has the same weather channel on the top-side, but the other channels are completely different. The bottom channel always shows the race results for the F3.14 MGP Race.

The right-channel is the Harvest Theater, and will air 2 different shows. Between Spring 01 and Summer 07 you'll watch Mechabot Ultror: Summertime. From Summer 09 until Summer 30 you'll get to see another rendition of Fairy And Me. The theater then repeats Summertime from Fall 01 to Winter 07, and repeats Fairy from Winter 09 until Winter 30.

The variety left-channel changes every day, just like the tv in your farm house. During the new years season you'll get to play the math game. If you complete all 10 questions correctly you will win one of the Truth Jewels. Even if you only miss 1 question the host will tell you that you got all of the answers incorrect.

There is an error in the translation for the New Years game show. One of the symbols that appear in the equation displays as a > (greater than) symbol. It is suppose to be a x (multiply) symbol. If you multiply every time you see a > then you'll get the correct answer.

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