In Friends of Mineral Town, you no longer just have a single farmhouse. You can actually have four houses! It would be nice if you could rent out the houses to the villagers but you can't. You're the only person who can enjoy the extra houses.

Farm house
Farm House

This is the first house you'll own, inherited when you took over the farm. The house is very small but you can have Gotz build on two expansions and a bathroom. The rest of the furnishings can be purchased from the TV Shopping show.

Town Cottage

If you feel fairly wealthy, you can commission Gotz to build this house. It will cost you 999 pieces of wood and comes with a price tag of 100,000,000 G! When the house is finished you'll find Saibara and Lila to be your new neighbors. (The house was only 10,000,000 G in the Japanese version of MFoMT. I have no clue why Natsume doubled the price during their localization process.)

Seaside Cottage

The connectivity between FoMT and A Wonderful Life for Gamecube will bring this little place. The house will be built down on the southern half of Mineral Beach.

Mountain house
Mountain Cottage

Each year, you and your husband like to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Once you reach your 50th year together, your husband decides it's time for him to give you the ultimate gift!

Each one of the houses has your basic furnishings; a bed, calendar, clock, table, and a save journal you can use. After that each one may have a few items that the other houses don't have. For example, the Mountain and Seaside Cottages don't have a tv set! You can spend the night in any one of the houses, but if you're expecting any visitors to your Farm House door (for events and whatnot) you'll have to head back there in the morning. You don't have to spend the night, but just going inside the Farm House and then back out the door will be enough for whoever you're expecting to appear and meet you.

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