When you take over the farm, you also inherit a 1-room farmhouse. It's not big enough for a family, but you can have Gotz build extensions to it. Their isn't a whole lot of furniture either. Luckily you have T.V. Shopping to the rescue!

Every Saturday the left-channel on t.v. airs the Shopping Show. Each week the hostess will show you a band new spank'n item you can buy for your house. All you have to do is watch the Shopping Show in the morning, find out the weekly item and price, and then walk down to Doug's Inn. On his counter you'll see a telephone you can use to call in your order. The telephone call costs 10 G and you can only use it for a few days after the weekly item has been advertised on t.v. Two days later Zack will stop by with your new piece of furniture.

You have to complete special requirements before the T.V. Shopping show will sell you furniture. There are 15 items you can buy to decorate your house.

No special requirements
Mirror1000 G
Clock2000 G
1st house extension
Refrigerator2500 G
Shelves2500 G
1st extension + refrigerator
Kitchen4000 G
Seasoning Set2500 G
Knife1500 G
Frying Pan1200 G
Pot1000 G
Mixer1200 G
Whisk500 G
Rolling Pin750 G
Oven2500 G
2nd house extension
Rug5000 G
Big Bed10000 G

After you purchase the Mirror you can change the color of your outfit. Just press the A button while standing in front of the mirror. You can change your overalls to be Red, White, Pink, Orange, Green, or Blue. Changing your "clothes" frequently will help you to impress the bachelors. If you talk to a boy, change your outfit, then talk to him again, it helps to increase his affection towards you.

If you connect up to A Wonderful Life for Girl on your Gamecube, you can purchase a Record Player from the traveling merchant that appears in your Friends Of Mineral Town game. On Wednesdays you can find Van's shop upstairs in Doug's Inn. He will sell the Record Player and the records you can use. The Records allow you to change the background music of your farm.

You can also purchase a Flower Vase for your house. Won will come by one morning and offer to sell it to you for 5000 G. You can place seasonal flowers in your vase that will affect your Stamina. You also need the Vase if you want to marry Won. If you turn down his offer, Won will stop by again later and offer it for sale.

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