Farm Degrees

One of the new features of FoMT:Girl are the Farm Degree Points. When you participate in certain activities while playing the game, you can earn numerical points. The total number of points you have are stored in your Memo (press the Start button to reach your Memo). There are 10 categories of points, each having a maximum value of 1000. Try to earn all 10000 points!

When you first start the game you will have 12 points - 4 Animal, 6 Equipment, 1 Event (from Zack's shipping tutorial), and 1 Heroine.

  • Shipping the first one of any item will earn you 5 points for each one. Your first Turnip, first Honey, first Large Milk, etc.
  • Completing the Shipping Memo (ship at least 1 of everything) will earn you 10 points.
  • For every 100 shipments of a specific item, you will earn 1 point. The most you can earn for that item is 100 points. For example, If you had shipped 600 Turnips you would have earned 6 points. After you ship 10,000 you won't earn any more points for the Turnip shipments.
  • The first time you catch something new you'll earn 5 points. That could be a fish species or a piece of junk.
  • Catching one of the River Kings will earn you 10 points each (max 60 points)
  • Completing the Fish Memo (catching all 51 fish) will earn you 15 points.
  • Catching 100 of a specific item (fish species, garbage, treasure, etc.) will earn you 1 point, up until you've caught 10,000 of them.
  • You will earn 1 point for the max size of 10cm per fish. If the largest Ocean Sunfish you've caught was 60cm and you suddenly caught one that was 90cm, you would have earned 3 points. If your fish was only 68cm, you won't earn any points.
  • If you win the Cow, Chicken, or Sheep festivals you will earn 10 points.
  • You can earn up to 25 points for winning the Beach Day and Horse Race events. You will earn 2.5 points per heart that the dog and horse have. 10 hearts = 25 points.
  • Every time you raise an animal's heart level by 1, you will earn 2.5 point.
  • When you train a Harvest Sprite to be the best skilled at Watering, Harvesting, or Animal Husbandry, you will earn 25 points per category. Each Sprite can only earn you 75 points (max 525 points).
  • Just giving gifts to villagers will earn you random amount of points. The Villager category is the easiest to earn all 1,000 points in.
  • Getting the Blue Berry from Kappa will earn 27 points.
  • Hearing a recipe from a villager will get you 10 points per recipe. The 10 recipes you get from linking to the Gamecube version of Harvest Moon also can earn you 10 points each. (max 250 points)
  • You will earn 10 points every time you win at the Cooking Festival.
  • Making a recipe for the first time will earn you 5 points. (max 540 points)
  • Each item purchased from the TV Shopping Channel are worth 30 points each. The Power Berry is excluded from this category.
  • Won's Flower Vase and Ellen's Socks are worth 50 points.
  • Buying Van's Record Player will earn you 20 points. You do not get any extra points for each Record.
  • Having Saibara build the Mayo, Cheese, and Yarn Makers will earn you 40 points each. (max 120 points)
  • The Vacation Villa, Seaside Cottage, and Mountain Cabin are worth 20 points each. (max 60 points)
  • Hiring Gotz to do the major building upgrades are worth 50 points each. You earn points for the two Farmhouse upgrades, building the Bathroom, and ugrading your two animal barns. Hiring him to remodel does not count.
  • The bachelor gifts (Rick's Watch, Gray's Broach, etc.) are worth 1 point each.
  • Getting the Fishing Pole is worth 2 points.
  • As you use your tools their upgrade meters will increase. Every 10% raise will earn you 1 point.
  • Buying a rucksack upgrade is worth 20 points.
  • When you receive a new letter you will earn 11 points. Lets say you received a New Years letter from Ellen (worth 11 points) and the next year you get a letter from Ellen and Gotz. Ellen's letter won't count a second time, but you'll get another 11 points for Gotz's letter. All letters are stored in the Bookcase inside of your farm house.
  • You'll receive 5 points for each of the Girls' Heart Event you trigger. The events are left over from the Boy version of FoMT, even though you can't marry a bachelorette.
  • Each time you see the first Heart Event of a specific color you'll earn 50 points. So the first Black Heart event is worth 50, but the next ones are worth 0. When you see your first Purple Heart event you'll earn another 50, and so on.
  • Most Random Events are worth 1 point each.
  • Experiencing one of the two new Rival Girl events will earn you 5 points each.
  • When the Goddess appears to congratulate you for reaching 10k on the pedometer, you'll earn 1 point.
  • When you go down into the Mines, you will receive 1 point for every floor you decend. (max 255 points).
  • Giving a Cucumber to Kappa will earn 1 point the first time you do it.
  • Activating a Rival Event will earn you 5 points.
  • Your wedding ceramony, pregnancy, and giving birth events are worth 50 points each.
  • Watching a rival wedding ceramony is worth 10 points.
  • For every Power Berry you eat, you'll earn 10 points. (max 100 points)
  • The Mystery Berry from Kappa will get you 50 points.
  • You will earn 1 point for every year you play the game. (max 200 points)
  • For playing Wack-A-Mole 100 times, you will receive 1 point. (max 100 points)
  • Every time you earn 100 steps on your Pedometer, you receive 1 point (max 100 points = 10,000 steps).
  • When you receive one of the 7 rings, you'll earn 30 points.

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