The Makers will allow you to convert your poultry and livestock produce into higher profit items. You have one for eggs, one for milk, and another one for wool. The machines are built by Saibara the blacksmith.

Before you can get the Makers, you'll need to have Gotz upgrade your animal barns. When Gotz finishes the building, the Makers will appear for sale in Saibara's blacksmith shop. The Mayonnaise Maker will appear after the chicken shed upgrade, while the Cheese and Yarn Makers become available after the livestock barn is upgraded.

Saibara will require a piece of Adamantite. You can find the ore starting on the 10th floor of the Spring Mine. Bring the Adamantite to Saibara and then pay him 20,000 G. He'll take 5 days to create the machine and it will appear inside of your barn when it's finished.

To use the Maker just hold the egg/milk/wool over your head and then press the A button to throw it in. You'll immediately receive the upgraded item back in your hands. If you have the Harvest Sprites taking care of your animals they won't be able to use the machines. They will just harvest and ship the normal produce. If you want to ship the upgraded items, hurry to the barn in the morning before the Sprites reach the front door. You can then harvest, use the Makers, and ship before the Sprites get a hold of your animals.

Regular Egg 50 G Small Mayo 100 G
Good Egg 60 G Med Mayo 150 G
High Egg 80 G Large Mayo 200 G
Gold Egg 100 G Gold Mayo 300 G
P. Egg 180 G P. Mayo 450 G
X Egg 350 G X Mayo 800 G
Milk (S) 100 G Cheese (S) 300 G
Milk (M) 150 G Cheese (M) 400 G
Milk (L) 200 G Cheese (L) 500 G
Milk (G) 300 G Cheese (G) 600 G
Milk (P) 500 G Cheese (P) 750 G
Milk (X) 800 G Cheese (X) 1500 G
Wool (S) 100 G Yarn (S) 300 G
Wool (M) 400 G Yarn (M) 700 G
Wool (L) 500 G Yarn (L) 800 G
Wool (G) 600 G Yarn (G) 1000 G
Wool (P) 1000 G Yarn (P) 1500 G
Wool (X) 2000 G Yarn (X) 4000 G

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