Besides the Bachelors and their heart Rivals, there are 20 other villagers living in Mineral Town.

Anna Anna
Birthday: Fall 23
Likes: Apple, Egg, Flour, Honey, Oil, Strawberry, Sweet Potato

She is Basil's wife and Mary's mother. Often she will gossip with the ladies in Rose Plaza.

Barley Barley
Birthday: Spring 17
Likes: Miso Soup, Rice Balls, Rice Cake, Scrambled Eggs, Spa Boiled Egg,

Owner of Yodel Farm. His daughter, Joanna, left her daughter in his care.

Basil Basil
Birthday: Summer 11
Likes: colored Grass, Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Tomato Juice, Wild Grape

The town's Naturalist. He writes books about the flowers and herbs he finds.

Carter Carter
Birthday: Fall 20
Likes: Curry, Egg, Flour, Fish, Milk, Oil, Turnips

Mineral Town's Pastor. He opens a confession booth on Monday, Wednesday, and rainy days.

Doug Doug
Birthday: Winter 11
Likes: Apple, Honey, Fish, Milk, Vegetables

Owner of the Inn. He spends all of his time managing his small hotel with his daughter Ann.

Duke Duke
Birthday: Winter 15
Likes: Bread, Cheese, Cucumber, Eggplant, Sashimi, Wine

Married to Manna, and owner of the Aja Winery. His wife feels he drinks too much alchohol.

Ellen Ellen
Birthday: Winter 13
Likes: Carrot, Flour, Milk, Pumpkin, Rice Cake, Spa Boiled Egg

She takes care of Elli and Stu. A sickness has caused her to loose her ability to walk.

Gotz Gotz
Birthday: Fall 02
Likes: Apple, Cheese, Egg, Flour, Honey, Oil, Onion, Potato

He will upgrade your farm buildings. His wife and daughter passed away during a bad storm on the Mountain.

Harris Harris
Birthday: Summer 04
Likes: Accessories, Energy Drink, Small Fish, Spa Boiled Egg, Wild Grape Juice

The Mayor's son and the local police officer. He makes sure the town stays safe.

Jeff Jeff
Birthday: Winter 29
Likes: Blue Grass, Blue Magic Grass, Corn Flakes, Fruit Juice, Honey

Owner of the General Store. He has a stomach ailment that he uses to his advantage.

Lillia Lillia
Birthday: Spring 19
Likes: Apple, Carrot, Honey, Milk, Strawberry, Tomato

Runs the Poultry Farm. Her husband is searching the world for medicine to help her feel better.

Manna Manna
Birthday: Fall 11
Likes: Bamboo Shoots, Fish, Honey, Milk, Mushroom, Pinkcat Flower

She is married to Duke and manages the Winery's store. Her daughter moved away and she misses her greatly.

May May
Birthday: Winter 26
Likes: Apple, Fruit Juice, Honey, Pineapple, Rubber Boot, Toy Flower

Her grandfather is Barley. She likes to play with Stu and Carter outside the Church.

Saibara Saibara
Birthday: Spring 11
Likes: Adamantite, Bamboo Shoots, Large Fish, Miso Soup, Mistril, Turnip

The town's Blacksmith. His grandson Gray is currently his apprentace.

Sasha Sasha
Birthday: Spring 30
Likes: Accessories, Chocolate, Cookies, Flowers, Honey

Karen's mother and married to Jeff. She typically gets her way when requesting something from her husband.

Stu Stu
Birthday: Fall 05
Likes: Chocolate, Honey, Sandwitch, Wild Grape, Yarn

He is Elli's younger brother. The two of them were raised by grandma Ellen when their parents passed away.

Thomas Thomas
Birthday: Summer 25
Likes: Accessories, Jam Bun, Soba Noodles, Wild Grape Juice, Wine

The Mayor of the town. He introduces you to your farm at the beginning of the game.

Zack Zack
Birthday: Summer 29
Likes: Apple, Cheese, Cucumber, Strawberry, Tomato, Wine

All farm shipments are handled by him. He spends most of his day in his house on Mineral Beach.

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