Gray's Heart Events

Black Heart

Head into the Blacksmith shop on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday between 10:10 am and 1:00 pm. Inside you'll find Gray very upset at his grandpa Saibara. You've walked into the middle of an argument! The two of them finally notice that you're standing in the doorway. Gray rudely demands to know why you are looking at him. Saibara interrupts and yells at him for being discourteous to a customer.

Saibara welcomes you to his shop. He then becomes embarrassed at his actions and beings to make up an excuse. Gray says that he's doesn't feel appreciated and plans on giving up, so you tell him to keep practicing with his training (response #1). Gray is surprised and thanks you for your kindness. He's going to talk to his grandpa and learn what he can.

Purple Heart

Visit the 2nd floor of Doug's Inn on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Upstairs Gray will apologize for his behavior during the Black Heart event. He says he is not use to having people around but that he is somehow comfortable with you.

Gray then remembers that you like to get stuff out of the Mine. He says he too is into gems and ores because it is part of his work. Gray then starts the "whoa is me I am a bad blacksmith" speech, so to cheer him up tell him that he does a Great job. Gray thanks you for your vote of confidence and says he will use his skills to make you something.

Blue Heart

You must own the largest Rucksack to see this event.

As you walk out of your farmhouse door on Monday between 6:00 am and noon, you may bump into Gray. He says he is getting better with his blacksmith training even though Saibara still yells at him. He asks if you are interested in jewely. If you tell him you like jewely a little bit, he will blush and says he wants to give you something. Gray then gives you a Broach that he made without Saibara knowing about it.

Yellow Heart

Visit the Blacksmith shop on Monday between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Saibara will ask to talk to you. He is glad that you have become friends with his grandson, but he thinks Gray is preoccupied with something. Saibara asks Gray to stop with his work and then requests that he spend some time with you today.

Back at the Inn, Gray apologizes for his Grandpa. He asks if you plan on staying in town for a long time. If you tell him you are, Gray will be glad. He is pleased that you are the type who would not move around and he mentioned how he would miss you if you ever did move away.

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