A Letter from Dad

Walk into the Poultry Farm during the Summer season between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm, on any day except Tuesday or Sunday. The 3 residents of the farm will be gathered together near the door of the farm. They welcome your visit and Lillia says they're in a good mood today. She received a letter today from her husband, and wants to open it and read it aloud.

The letter asks if Rick and Popuri are doing fine, and explains that he has gone off to a desert in search of the flower to cure Lillia's sickness. He ends with a request to keep taking care of the shop. Lillia says they're all happy to hear from him. Rick grumbles and says taking care of the shop is not very easy, but his sister tells him he should obey dad's request.

This event will happen if Rick and Popuri have not married yet and if you're in the 3rd year or beyond. You will also earn 1 Event point.

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