Controls and Main Menu

The movement controls in Grand Bazaar are the directional pad and buttons on the Nintendo DS. The bottom touch screen is only used for navigating through your rucksack or storage shed, and even then you don't have to use your stylus; you can move items around just with the directional pad and A button.

If you do tap on the bottom touch screen of your DS console, you will open your rucksack. To close the rucksack by touch, tap on the red Return arrow in the upper-right corner of the touch screen.

Directional Pad - Move your character up, down, left, right, and diagonally
- Menu, rucksack, and storage shed navigation
A Button - Jump into the air
- Press A again in mid-air to double jump
- Select an item in your menu, rucksack, or storage shed
- Choose answers during events and festivals
B Button - Pick things up (crops, animals, rocks, etc.)
- Catch bugs
- Talk to people and animals
- Use an equipped tool
- Ring your bell during the bazaar
X Button - Open your rucksack
Y Button - Put your equipped tool back into your rucksack
- Put a held item into your rucksack
Right Shoulder Button - Access your tools to equip
Left Shoulder Button - Toggle between walk speed and run speed

The Start and Select buttons aren't utilized in this game.

The Bookcase

The bookcase

Instead of having a press-select menu that shows your farm assets and summary, you have a bookcase inside of your house. This means if you want to check anything about your farm, friendships, and so on, you will have to go back to your house to check your bookcase. The game time will stop while you are looking at your bookcase, calendar, animal board, or storage.

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