Random Events

Random events are small cut-scenes where you can view a small story between the event participants, such as learning about Felix's lack of cooking skills or Kevin's mischievous troublemaking. The random events trigger as you befriend the people who are involved in the events.

You need to have a high level of Friendship Points with the person (or people) involved with triggering the event, so it will take awhile in the game before you can see these scenes. You can start triggering random events once you start reaching 30,000 FP (4 hearts) with the villagers. Some events require 60,000 FP (9 hearts)! There are also a few events that can't be viewed until you trigger a prerequisite event.

You won't receive anything from the events, even though sometimes you are involved in the event. Random events can only be triggered once unless specified otherwise.

There are about 26 random events in Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar.

List of Events

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