Daily Weather

There are several different types of weather in Grand Bazaar, and each weather type lasts from when you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night. There is no way to predict the next day's weather in this version of Harvest Moon. There isn't a television, radio, or old man to tell you what tomorrow's weather is going to be.

To learn what the weather is, check the clock in the lower-right corner of your top screen. Next to the time will be the icon indicating what the day's weather is:

Weather does not change throughout the day; the weather you wake up to will be the same weather when you go to bed.

The weather icon also have blue triangle marks on the left-side. These triangles indicate the wind strength for that day. The wind strength is important when you are processing items with the three windmills. The stronger the wind is, the faster the items will complete the processing.

Seasonal Weather

The different types of weather will occur throughout the seasons, but some seasons have more occurrences of certain weather patterns than others:

Weather Effects

If you are experiencing a Hurricane or Blizzard day, you can still leave your house. In previous versions of Harvest Moon games, often you were stuck inside if the weather outside was very bad. In Grand Bazaar, you can venture outside but walking in a straight line is a little more challenging. The wind will blow from right to left, so walking east is slow while walking west speeds you up!

Hurricanes can also affect the casting length of your fishing pole. If you go fishing during a Hurricane, your fishing line will cast out one length farther; a Short Rod will cast the same distance as a Medium Rod.

On Rainy or Stormy days, the precipitation will water your crops for you. The only thing you would have to do on a rainy day is harvest crops if there are any ready to be picked.

Weather will not affect your Stamina loss when you're using your tools. In previous versions this was the case (you used up more stamina when working on a hot, sunny day) but in Grand Bazaar the weather won't make a dent in your health.

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