Triggering Rival Events

Rival events are the opposite of heart events. Four of your potential marriage candidates has a rival associated with him or her. The rival events are for you to watch interaction between a candidate and and suitor other than yourself. The rivals do not get married in Grand Bazaar.

Emiko and Amir do not have rivals.

These events must be seen in sequencial order and they unlock as you proceed through the years. The first rival event is available in year 1 or later, the second (purple) rival event requires you to be in year 2 or later, the third rival event (blue) will not be available until you have reached year 3 or later, and the last rival event (yellow) can be viewed until year 4. This means that you have four years before a marriage candidate's last rival event will be available.

Heart Colors and Rival Events

Sherry and Lloyd's yellow rival event

Because they are the opposite of heart events, the heart color of the candidate must be *at* or *below* the color required for the event to trigger:

This means that you can see all of the rival events if the marrige candidate remains at a black heart color.

In recent Harvest Moon games, the heart color is no longer a requirement once you get married. In Grand Bazaar, this is not the case. This game is similar to Harvest Moon DS and the Mineral Town series when it comes to rival marriage after your marriage; the friendship points still count for rival events to trigger. If you had raised the person's heart color up to see their heart events, married someone else, and then want to see that person's rival events, you will have to lower your friendship back down until you can see the rival event.

After The Rival Events

Proposal after the rival events

Because there is no rival marriage in Grand Bazaar, after you veiw the last rival event the couple does not become attached to each other. You can still marry the marriage candidate after you have viewed the four rival events (at least it is possible with the four girls that I tested with). This is very different from past Harvest Moon games.

If you want to see the rival events and the heart events, you have to keep the candidate's heart color low enough to be able to trigger each rival event. After you see the yellow rival event, you can continue to give the person gifts to meet the red heart color requirement for marriage.

The Rival Events

Angelo Daisy Antoinette Dirk
Angelo and Daisy's rival events Antoinette and Dirk's rival events
Freya Ivan Sherry Lloyd
Freya and Ivan's rival events Sherry and Lloyd's rival events

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