The Bazaar

Zephyr Town's bazaar is where you're going to be selling the items you have collected. You could sell your items to Raul's shop, but you will earn more profit by selling your items to the out-of-town visitors who have traveled to shop at the bazaar.

The bazaar usually occurs every Saturday. If there is a villager's birthday or festival scheduled for that particular Saturday, the bazaar will take place on Sunday instead. You can participate in the bazaar if you want to, whether you go to purchase items from other vendors or you go to sell your own items. The bazaar opens at 10:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm.

In the Fall of your first year, the Cooking Festival will take place on Saturday and Sunday that week. Because the festival takes both possible bazaar days, there's no bazaar that week.

Setting Up Your Own Booth

The bazaar tutorial

The first time a bazaar takes place in your game, Felix will walk you through how to set out your items and entice customers to visit your booth. A small, unpopular bazaar won't have a lot of visitors compared to a world renowned bazaar.

The countertop of your starting bazaar booth can hold 3 items. To open your booth, stand behind the counter and press the B button. You can then select up to 3 items that you'll make available for purchase. If you set up your booth before 10:00 am, you will have to stand there and wait for the bazaar to start; leaving your booth will close up the bazaar shop and your merchandise will be returned to your rucksack.

After you have increased the size and popularity of the bazaar to 25% (check the bookcase in your house for the bazaar percentage size), you can expand the size of your bazaar booth. Talk to Gannon at his bazaar shop to schedule an upgrade. Once ordered, the upgrade will be completed the next morning to be usable for the next week's bazaar. The upgrades must be completed in sequential order:

Free booth upgrade!

If you happen to upgrade your bazaar up to 75% expansion (see bottom of this page) without ordering any bazaar booth upgrade from Gannon, then Felix will remodel your booth for you! The next time you participate in the bazaar, you will have a booth that can hold 9 items for sale.

Ringing In Customers

Selling a lot of seeds

When the bazaar opens at 10:00 am, Felix will announce the profit goal for that day and then allows the customers into bazaar. Your goal is to sell enough merchandise to be within the profit margin range or exceed it. To do so you need to entice customers to your booth.

To bring visitors to your bazaar shop, press the B button to ring your bazaar bell. This bell will ring out and get the attention of customers who are passing by. The customers will stop in front of your booth and look at your merchandise. If there is something there he or she wants to buy, then he/she will approach the booth. If not, the person will walk away with a "..." thought bubble. Different types of customers like different items; for example, the children like bugs and sweets.

Unhappy customers

If you do not respond to your customers' requests in a timely manner, the person will become annoyed with your service. When that occurs, you will see the scribbly talk-bubble appear above his or her head. If you continue to ignore your customer, then he/she will leave angry. This won't decrease your profit, but the person may be more reluctant to purchase items from your stall.

To avoid making customers angry, try to tend to their purchases as quickly as possible. This is easier to do when you have a smaller number of items for sale, but with a large stall you may have many customers asking for items all at the same time. If you have two customers asking for items that are right next to each other, you can take care of both customers at the same time by standing between the two items on your side of the bazaar counter and pressing the A button. You can then sell to both customers at the same time.

You have until 7:00 pm to sell as many items as you can. You are free to leave the bazaar and return home to restock on merchandise, but there's no way to bring more than the room you have available in your rucksack.

If you want to expand the "sound" of your bell, get the Yellow Ring crafted from the Manufacturing windmill and wear it when you are working at the bazaar. The power of the Yellow Ring will entice customers from farther away.

The Bazaar Results

The weekly results

The next morning when you exit your farmhouse, you are given the choice to attend the bazaar results. If you choose to go, you will gather together with the other villagers to hear Felix's bazaar feedback. If you choose not to go, then you won't know if you win a prize.

Felix will first announce the top 3 profit winners who met (or exceeded) the bazaar's profit goal. If your profits were just at the minimum range of Felix's goal, you will get third place. The closer you are to the high-side of the profit goal, the better the chance you'll get second place. If you exceed the profit goal then you'll have a good chance of getting first place but it's not guaranteed.

After the profit summary, Felix will announce which of the bazaar stands had the highest reputation; this is earned by selecting the appropriate answer when you talk with question-customers. To become the stand with the happiest customers, you need to earn a reputation of 60 points or more.

Once Felix's summary of the previous day's bazaar has been completed, you will find out if you win a prize. You will only get one prize regardless if you place in the profit judgement, the reputation judgement, or in both categories. The prizes will also vary depending on the size of your bazaar:

Bazaar SizeProfit Winner onlyRep Winner onlyBoth Profit and Rep Winner
Starting Out (0%) 1st place: Milk
2nd place: Egg
3rd place: Fertilizer
Butter 1st place: Cheese
2nd place: Yogurt
3rd place: Lavender
Best Bazaar of the Region (25%) 1st place: Olive or Wool
2nd place: Curry Bread or Jelly Bread
3rd place: Honeycomb or Oil
Flour or Nut Oil 1st place: Rice or Good Mayonnaise
2nd place: Curry Powder or Soy Flour
3rd place: Apple Jam or Rice Flour
Best Bazaar in the Country (50%) 1st place: Mint Tea (Can) or Strawberry Tea Can
2nd place: Olive Oil or Spring Tea Leaves
3rd place: Black Egg or Edamame
Good Herb Butter or Good Herb Cheese 1st place: Lavender Tea (Can) or Sushi
2nd place: Chamomile Tea or Pickled Eggplant
3rd place: Pumpkin or Summer Tea Leaves
Best Bazaar on the Continent (75%) 1st place: Coffee Beans, Muscat Tea (Can), Pickled Carrot, or Pickled Radish
2nd place: Chili Pepper, Coffee Pack, Miso, or Pickled Spinach
3rd place: Good Herb Mayo, Herb Perfume, Pickled Carrot, or Trifle
Doria, Flower Perfume, Good Wool, or Orange Tea (Can) 1st place: Apple Tea (Can), Fruit Yogurt, Orange Tea (Can), or Peach Tea (Can)
2nd place: Matcha Tea (Can), Rose Wine, Scone, or Sencha Tea (Can)
3rd place: Blueberry Jam, Grape Seed Oil, Paella, or Soybeans
Best Bazaar in the World (100%) 1st place: Banana Tea (Can), Blueberry Tea Can, Peach Wine, or Pickled Cauliflower
2nd place: Blueberry Pie, Grape Tea (Can), Mont Blanc, or Oolong Tea (Can)
3rd place: Quiche, Pickled Olive, Pickled Onion, or Pickled Y. Pepper
Apple Wine, Blueberry Wine, Champagne, or Cherry Wine 1st place: Copper, Good Fruit Yogurt, Honey Wine, or Pickled Cabbage
2nd place: Chestnut Wine, Chicha, Pineapple Wine, or Tempura
3rd place: Party Cake, Pineapple Pie, Spaghetti Soup, or Tomato Wine

After the previous day's bazaar has been judged and everyone returns to their house, you repeat the same steps for the next week's bazaar.

Expanding The Bazaar Size

As you make more money at the bazaar, you will increase its size, the number of shops that appear, and its popularity. During the bazaar results, Felix will give you a hint on how far you are to reaching the next bazaar level. The goal of Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is to reach 100% bazaar expansion! The larger the bazaar, the more money Felix will expect you to earn, and the harder it will be to win a prize at the weekly bazaar results.

Once you reach bazaar level 100%, the profit goal is just for earning the prizes from Felix during the weekly results.

The expansion of the bazaar is based on your total overall profits and not the fact that you happen to of met the weekly goal. Once you have earned enough total money, the bazaar will expand.

If you skip the bazaar results, and you've earned enough money to expand the bazaar, the bazaar WILL NOT expand. Felix's weekly speech and feedback is required attendence if you want to expand the bazaar to its next level. After you have earned enough profit to expand, the next time you go to the results meeting the mayor will tell you about the new expansion.

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