The Windmills

Zephyr Town has an ample amount of wind, so the town has several windmills around the area. The windmills are used for making various items but they are not functioning correctly when you begin your game. Isaac and Wilbur will work on repairing the windmills. When each one is complete, Isaac will stop by your house in the morning and let you know.

Using A Windmill

The fermenting windmill

Each windmill is made of several components. At the top of the staircase is where you can put your ingredients to be processed, and to the left of that is a Wonderful stone holder. At the bottom of the staircase is the timer and the receptacle for the finished products. The windmills have specific recipes you can make with each one of them, including some higher level recipes that require you to enhance the windmill with the Purple Wonderful.

To use a windmill, press B at the ingredient input area, select and confirm the recipe you want to make (if you have the appropriate ingredients), and the merely wait for the necessary time to pass for it to turn into a new product. When the recipe has been processed, you will receive a popup alert on your top screen regardless of where you are in the game.

The windmills do have limits. You can only have six types of items being processed by a single windmill as well as a maximum stack of ten of a specific item. For example, you can put in six stacks of Egg + Oil to make Mayonnaise, but you will have to wait until your six stacks of Mayonnaise are finished processing before you can make a new recipe.

You can modify the windmills by attaching Wonderful Stones.

The Process Time

The speed of which recipes are processed in the windmills is 1) determined by the wind speed of the day, 2) whether you have blown into your DS microphone to turn the windmill blades, and 3) if you have a Blue Wonderful attached to the windmill. The weaker the wind is, the longer it will take to process the items.

  1. The wind is not something you can really control. Every day, the weather icon in the lower-right corner of your top screen will tell you what your wind strength is. One blue triangle is the weakest, and a hurricane or snowstorm is the strongest. You can not have a day with no wind.
  2. If you want to decrease the processing time, you can blow on your DS microphone. Stand in front of the windmill (in game) and then strongly blow on your DS microphone. When you've changed the speed at which the blades move, the game will chime and you can stop blowing. You can do this once a day for each windmill.
  3. The Wonderful stones will modify the windmills, and the Blue Wonderful will decrease the time required for processing recipes. It randomly appears at Diego's shop at the bazaar during Fall and Winter for 10,000 G. Diego's shop unlocks after you have expanded the bazaar to 75%.

Each modifier you add (1, 2, or 3) will positively decrease the time needed to finish the item. The most you can decrease the processing time is by 84%.

  Light Wind Medium Wind Strong Wind Storm
Do nothing 0% change (x 1) 33% decrease (x .66) 50% decrease (x .5) 66% decrease (x .33)
Blow on the DS mic 33% decrease (x .66) 50% decrease (x .5) 66% decrease (x .33) 75% decrease (x .25)
Blue Wonderful 50% decrease (x .5) 66% decrease (x .33) 75% decrease (x .25) 80% decrease (x .20)
Blow on the DS mic
and have a Blue Wonderful
66% decrease (x .33) 75% decrease (x .25) 80% decrease (x .20) 84% decrease (x .16)

For example, it will take one hour (60 minutes) to make a single Mayonnaise at the weakest speed of wind using the windmill on your farm. If you have different modifiers included, the earliest you can get Mayonnaise is in about 10 minutes.

  Light Wind Medium Wind Strong Wind Storm
Do nothing 60 min 40 min 30 min 20 min
Blow on the DS mic 40 min 30 min 20 min 15 min
Blue Wonderful 30 min 20 min 15 min 12 min
Blow on the DS mic
and have a Blue Wonderful
20 min 15 min 12 min ~10 min

If you are processing a stack of items, such as 10 Mayonnaise, then each individual item's time will compile together to give you an overall processing time. A stack of 10 Mayonnaise on a super windy day (3 blue marks) will take a total of 4 and a half hours to process before you can collect it from the windmill. If you had put the Egg + Oil in one at a time, then it would only take 20 minutes for each Mayonnaise to finish.

Wonderful Stones

To enhance your windmills, you can attach Wonderful Stones to them. You can't purchase these stones until you have upgraded the bazaar to 75%. Diego will open up his shop and randomly have a Wonderful Stone for sale for 10,000 G. You can only buy 1 stone of each color; keep the unused one in your storage box.

Each windmill can hold one Wonderful Stone at a time. Walk up to the stone holder and then press B to select the Wonderful Stone from your rucksack. You can only attach Wonderfuls when the windmill is not processing anything, since the type of stone you attach will affect what is processed.

There isn't an Indigo Wonderful in Grand Bazaar.

Windmill Recipes

Fermenting Windmill

Note: Listed profit is if you sell the item at the bazaar.

NameIngredientsMaximum TimeProfit
.5 stars
2.5 stars
5 stars
FertilizerWeed + Branch30 minutes8 G10 G20 G
CheeseMilk3 hours110 G200 G310 G
Good CheeseJersey Milk4 hours300 G540 G850 G
Great CheeseGolden Milk5 hours680 G1230 G1920 G
Herb CheeseMilk + Chamomile4 hours220 G400 G620 G
Good Herb CheeseJersey Milk + Chamomile5 hours410 G740 G1160 G
Great Herb CheeseGolden Milk + Chamomile6 hours800 G1140 G2240 G
YogurtMilk + Mint12 hours170 G310 G490 G
Good YogurtJersey Milk + Mint18 hours410 G740 G1160 G
Great YogurtGolden Milk + Mint24 hours830 G1490 G2320 G
Fruit YogurtMilk + Mint + Banana + Strawberry + Peach15 hours1200 G2160 G3360 G
Good Fruit YogurtJersey Milk + Mint + Orange + Apple + Grape21 hours1840 G3310 G5150 G
Great Fruit YogurtGolden Milk + Mint + Muscat + Blueberry + Cherry27 hours2800 G5040 G7840 G
ButterMilk + Oil2 hours170 G310 G490 G
Good ButterJersey Milk + Oil5 hours400 G720 G1120 G
Great ButterGolden Milk + Oil8 hours780 G1410 G2190 G
Herb ButterMilk + Chamomile + Oil4 hours320 G570 G890 G
Good Herb ButterJersey Milk + Chamomile + Oil7 hours510 G920 G1430 G
Great Herb ButterGolden Milk + Chamomile + Oil10 hours890 G1610 G2500 G
MayonnaiseEgg + Oil1 hour110 G200 G310 G
NameIngredientsMaximum TimeProfit
.5 stars
2.5 stars
5 stars
Good MayonnaiseBlack Egg + Oil2 hours170 G310 G490 G
Great MayonnaiseGold Egg + Oil3 hours970 G1750 G2730 G
Herb MayonnaiseEgg + Chamomile + Oil1 hour 30 minutes200 G370 G580 G
Good Herb MayoBlack Egg + Chamomile + Oil2 hours 30 minutes280 G510 G800 G
Great Herb MayoGold Egg + Chamomile + Oil3 hour 30 minutes1080 G1950 G3040 G
MisoSoybeans + Cooked Rice120 hours240 G430 G670 G
Red WineGrape48 hours410 G740 G1160 G
White WineMuscat48 hours440 G800 G1250 G
Rose WineGrape + Muscat96 hours860 G1150 G2410 G
Strawberry WineRed Wine + Strawberry123 hours750 G1350 G2100 G
Tomato WineRed Wine + Tomato122 hours750 G1350 G2100 G
ChichaCorn + Yogurt144 hours750 G1350 G2100 G
Pineapple WineWhite Wine + Pineapple136 hours2040 G3680 G5730 G
Peach WineWhite Wine + Peach124 hours960 G1720 G2680 G
Banana WineWhite Wine + Banana120 hours1290 G2330 G3620 G
Orange WineOrange + White Wine134 hours860 G1550 G2410 G
Cherry WineCherry + Red Wine133 hours800 G1440 G2240 G
Apple WineRed Wine + Apple135 hours970 G1750 G2730 G
Blueberry WineWhite Wine + Blueberry132 hours1290 G2330 G3620 G
Honey WineHoney + White Wine121 hours1420 G2560 G3980 G
NameIngredientsMaximum TimeProfit
.5 stars
2.5 stars
5 stars
Chestnut WineChestnut + White Wine140 hours1290 G2330 G3620 G
BeerWheat + Soybeans72 hours510 G920 G1430 G
ChampagneRose Wine168 hours960 G1720 G2680 G
Pickled TurnipTurnip + Olive Oil10 hours920 G1670 G2590 G
Pickled PotatoPotato + Olive Oil12 hours990 G1780 G2770 G
Pickled CabbageCabbage + Olive Oil2 hours1640 G2960 G4610 G
Pickled AsparagusAsparagus + Olive Oil8 hours1120 G2010 G3130 G
Pickled OnionOnion + Olive Oil6 hours990 G1780 G2770 G
Pickled PumpkinPumpkin + Olive Oil12 hours1400 G2530 G3940 G
Pickled RadishRadish + Olive Oil10 hours1020 G1840 G2860 G
Pickled CarrotCarrot + Olive Oil10 hours960 G1720 G2680 G
Pickled SpinachSpinach + Olive Oil2 hours810 G1460 G2280 G
Cauliflower PickleCauliflower + Olive Oil8 hours1400 G2530 G3940 G
Pickled EggplantEggplant + Olive Oil4 hours620 G1120 G1740 g
Pickled YamYam + Olive Oil12 hours600 G1090 G1700 G
Pickled PepperGreen Pepper + Olive Oil4 hours570 G1030 G1610 G
Pickled Y. PepperY. Pepper + Olive Oil4 hours730 G1320 G2060 G
Pickled OliveOlive + Olive Oil6 hours730 G1320 G2060 G
Green Tea (Can)Spring Tea Leaves5 hours480 G860 G1340 G
Sencha Tea (Can)Spring Tea Leaves + Summer Tea Leaves10 hours1240 G2240 G3490 G
NameIngredientsMaximum TimeProfit
.5 stars
2.5 stars
5 stars
Matcha Tea (Can)Green Tea (Can)15 hours1050 G1900 G2950 G
Puer Tea (Can)Summer Tea Leaves5 hours570 G1030 G1610 G
Oolong Tea (Can)Summer Tea Leaves + Fall Tea Leaves5 hours1050 G1900 G2950 G
Straight Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves5 hours480 G860 G1340 G
Strawberry Tea CanFall Tea Leaves + Strawberry7 hours620 G1120 G1740 G
Pineapple Tea CanFall Tea Leaves + Pineapple11 hours3360 G6040 G9400 G
Peach Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Peach9 hours960 G1720 G2680 G
Banana Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Banana11 hours1050 G1900 G2950 G
Orange Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Orange8 hours860 G1550 G2410 G
Cherry Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Cherry8 hours620 G1120 G1740 G
Apple Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Apple9 hours810 G1460 G2280 G
Grape Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Grape10 hours860 G1550 G2410 G
Muscat Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Muscat10 hours890 G1610 G2500 G
Blueberry Tea CanFall Tea Leaves + Blueberry7 hours1050 G1900 G2950 G
Mint Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Mint6 hours540 G970 G1350 G
Chamomile Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Chamomile6 hours590 G1060 G1650 G
Lavender Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Lavender6 hours590 G1060 G1650 G
Purple Wonderful Required
Spring WinePeach Wine + Strawberry Wine + Pineapple Wine240 hours10,650 G19,180 G29,830 G
Summer WineTomato Wine + Orange Wine + Cherry Wine + Blueberry Wine288 hours7050 G12,700 G19,750 G
Fall WineChestnut Wine + Apple Wine + Honey Wine240 hours6640 G11,950 G18,950 G
Four Seasons WineRed Wine + Spring Wine + Summer Wine + Fall Wine336 hours44,400 G79,920 G124,320 G
Mixed PicklesPickled Asparagus + Pickled Radish + Cauliflower Pickles + Pickled Pepper + Pickled Y. Pepper + Pickled Olive188 hours9400 G16,930 G26,340 G
Spring Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Cabbage + Mint168 hours2650 G4780 G7430 G
Summer Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Corn + Chamomile168 hours1310 G2360 G3670 G
Fall Tea (Can)Fall Tea Leaves + Eggplant + Lavender168 hours1070 G1920 G3000 G
Gold Tea (Can)Summer Tea Leaves + Spring Tea + Summer Tea + Fall Tea + Lavender Tea + Chamomile Tea322 hours12,060 G21,710 G33,770 G

Note: Gold Tea (Can) needs brewed tea from your kitchen and NOT the (Can) tea.

Manufacturing Windmill

Note: Listed profit is if you sell the item at the bazaar.

NameIngredientsMaximum TimeProfit
.5 stars
2.5 stars
5 stars
Blue NecklaceAmethyst + Gold + Silver + Copper72 hours32,000 G57,600 G89,600 G
Purple NecklaceSandrose + Gold + Silver + Copper96 hours32,000 G57,600 G89,600 G
Black NecklaceMoon Stone + Gold + Silver + Copper120 hours33,600 G60,480 G94,080 G
Green BraceletEmerald + Gold + Silver144 hours28,800 G51,840 G80,640 G
Purple BraceletRuby + Gold + Silver192 hours28,800 G51,840 G80,640 G
Blue BraceletSandrose + Gold + Silver240 hours28,800 G51,840 G80,640 G
Pink BroochPink Diamond + Silver + Mithril120 hours64,000 G115,200 G179,200 G
Blue BroochAmethyst + Silver + Mithril168 hours24,000 G43,200 G67,200 G
Green BroochPeridot + Silver + Mithril216 hours24,000 G43,200 G67,200 G
Yellow BroochTopaz + Silver + Mithril192 hours24,000 G43,200 G67,200 G
Light Blue BroochFlourite + Silver + Mithril216 hours24,000 G43,200 G67,200 G
Purple BroochSandrose + Silver + Mithril240 hours24,000 G43,200 G67,200 G
Ball of WoolWool23 hours520 G930 G1450 G
Ball of Good WoolGood Wool25 hours1200 G2160 G3360 G
Ball of Great WoolGreat Wool30 hours2400 G4320 G6720 G
Hoe UpgradeHoe + Mithril + Lumber24 hours------
Watering Can UpgradeWatering Can + Orichalcum + Material Stone24 hours------
Short Fishing Rod UpgradeShort Fishing Rod + Lumber + Copper72 hours------
Medium Fishing Rod UpgradeMedium Fishing Rod + Lumber + Copper + Silver120 hours------
Long Fishing Rod UpgradeLong Fishing Rod + Lumber + Copper + Silver + Gold168 hours------
Bronze CoinSmall Coin + Copper15 hours240 G (no star rank)
Silver CoinSmall Coin + Silver30 hours480 G (no star rank)
Gold CoinSmall Coin + Gold45 hours720 G (no star rank)
Purple Wonderful Required
Blue RingAgate + Mithril + Adamantite288 hours30,400 G (no star rank)
Purple RingDiamond + Mithril + Adamantite300 hours33,600 G (no star rank)
Yellow RingTopaz + Mithril + Adamantite322 hours30,400 G30,400 G (no star rank)
Green RingPeridot + Mithril + Adamantite332 hours30,400 G (no star rank)

The four rings you can make when a Purple Wonderful is attached can not be sold at the bazaar. These rings can be set in the Equip slot of your rucksack to give you special enhancements. You can only equip one ring at a time.

  • Blue Ring: You will use less stamina when you use an equipped tool
  • Purple Ring: Similar to the Friendship Brooches in previous versions of Harvest Moon, you will earn more friendship points (10% bonus) when you give gifts
  • Yellow Ring: Your bell ringing during the bazaar will be heard from farther away, bringing more customers to your booth
  • Green Ring: If you have this ring equipped and go to bed, the next day's wind strength will be 1 blue-mark stronger. You can't go past 3-marks of wind though

Grinding Windmill

Note: Listed profit is if you sell the item at the bazaar.

NameIngredientsMaximum TimeProfit
.5 stars
2.5 stars
5 stars
Turnip SeedsTurnip2 hours90 G170 G260 G
Potato SeedsPotato2 hours130 G240 G380 G
Cabbage SeedsCabbage2 hours280 G500 G780 G
Cucumber SeedsCucumber2 hours140 G250 G400 G
Asparagus SeedsAsparagus2 hours190 G340 G530 G
Strawberry SeedsStrawberry2 hours160 G280 G440 G
Tomato SeedsTomato3 hours120 G210 G330 G
Corn SeedsCorn3 hours360 G640 G1000 G
Onion SeedsOnion3 hours110 G200 G310 G
Pineapple SeedsPineapple3 hours800 G1440 G2240 G
Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin3 hours200 G360 G560 G
Radish SeedsRadish3 hours160 G280 G440 G
Eggplant SeedsEggplant4 hours160 G280 G440 G
Carrot SeedsCarrot4 hours110 G200 G310 G
Yam SeedsYam4 hours240 G430 G670 G
Green Pepper SeedsGreen Pepper4 hours140 G250 G400 G
Spinach SeedsSpinach4 hours160 G280 G440 G
Y. Pepper SeedsY. Pepper4 hours240 G430 G670 G
Cauliflower SeedsCauliflower4 hours200 G360 G560 G
Grass SeedsFodder + Fertilizer5 hours400 G720 G1120 G
NameIngredientsMaximum TimeProfit
.5 stars
2.5 stars
5 stars
Wheat SeedsWheat + Fertilizer72 hours40 G70 G110 G
Coffee Tree SeedCoffee + Fertilizer144 hours160 G280 G440 G
Olive Tree SeedOlive + Fertilizer144 hours240 G430 G670 G
Peach Tree SeedPeach + Fertilizer144 hours240 G430 G670 G
Banana Tree SeedBanana + Fertilizer144 hours240 G430 G670 G
Orange Tree SeedOrange + Fertilizer144 hours160 G280 G440 G
Cherry Tree SeedCherry + Fertilizer144 hours120 G230 G350 G
Grape Tree SeedGrape + Fertilizer144 hours320 G570 G890 G
Apple Tree SeedApple + Fertilizer144 hours140 G250 G400 G
Muscat Tree SeedMuscat + Fertilizer144 hours170 G310 G490 G
Blueberry SeedBlueberry + Fertilizer144 hours240 G430 G670 G
Tea Tree SeedSpring Tea Leaves + Summer Tea Leaves + Fall Tea Leaves19290 G170 G260 G
Coffee PackCoffee60 hours360 G640 G1000 G
Citrus PerfumeOrange + Pineapple243 hours4080 G7340 G11,420 G
Flower PerfumeMoondrop Flower + Pink Cat Flower + Blue Magic Flower + Red Magic Flower + Toy Flower252 hours920 G1670 G2590 G
Herb PerfumeMint + Chamomile + Lavender246 hours380 G690 G1070 G
Olive OilOlive + Oil12 hours 30 minutes330 G600 G940 g
Herb OilMint + Chamomile + Lavender + Oil14 hours 30 minutes250 G460 G710 G
Nut OilWalnut + Oil12 hours 30 minutes160 G280 G440 G
Grape Seed OilGrape Tree Seed13 hours430 G770 G1200 G
NameIngredientsMaximum TimeProfit
.5 stars
2.5 stars
5 stars
Pumpkin Seed OilPumpkin Seeds13 hours 30 minutes250 G460 G710 G
Bottled WalnutsWalnut30 minutes250 G460 G710 G
HoneyHoneycomb12 hours 30 minutes200 G370 G580 G
Bottled ChestnutsChestnut30 minutes200 G370 G580 G
FlourWheat1 hour80 G140 G220 G
Bread CrumbsBread1 hour170 G310 G490 G
White Bread CrumbsWhite Bread2 hours250 G460 G710 G
Rice FlourRice1 hour170 G310 G490 G
Soy FlourSoybeans1 hour80 G140 G220 G
Buckwheat FlourSoba Noodles3 hours170 G310 G490 G
Shiratama FlourRice Candy1 hour250 G460 G710 G
Purple Wonderful Required
Tea PerfumeStraight Tea + Citrus Perfume245 hours8200 G14,770 G22,980 G
Blended PerfumeCitrus Perfume + Flower Perfume + Herb Perfume + Tea Perfume264 hours24,480 G44,060 G68,540 G

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