Making Friends

One of the most important things you need to do in any Harvest Moon game is increase your friendship with the other people (and animals) in the game. Raising friendships with the villagers will unlock random events and heart events with the marriage candidates. Raising your friendship with your animals will increase your chances of winning an animal festival as well as increasing the star quality of the items the animals produce.

Friendships with Humans

You can find your friendship levels with the villagers in your Assets menu. Press B in front of your bookcase and move to the list of residents. Marriage candidates will have red-colored hearts, and normal villagers will have orange-colored hearts. There are some villagers that have no hearts at all, which means there isn't a way to raise your friendship with that person.

The special marriage candidates, Amir and Emiko, also have orange colored hearts on the residents assets menu. Their hearts are orange because they are more challenging to marry than the normal red-heart marriage candidates.

Friendship points are on a scale from 0 to 65,530 points. When you reach the appropriate FP point value, a heart will appear next to the villager's name Each of the little heart markers indicate that you have earned 6552 FP with that person:

No. of HeartsPoint Value
0 Hearts
0 to 6552
1 Heart
6553 to 13,105
2 hearts
13,106 to 19,658
3 hearts
19,689 to 26,211
4 hearts
26,212 to 32,764
5 hearts
32,765 to 39,317
No. of HeartsPoint Value
6 hearts
39,318 to 45,870
7 hearts
45,871 to 52,423
8 hearts
52,424 to 58,976
9 hearts
58,977 to 65,529
10 hearts

Besides the heart marker friendship indicators in your assets bookcase, the marriage candidates (minus Amir and Emiko) have colored hearts next to their portraits. As your friendship points increase, the color of the heart will also increase. The colors the hearts represent are the same point scale as the asset menu.

Black → Purple → Blue → Green → Yellow → Orange → Red
0 to
9,999 FP
10,000 to
19,999 FP
20,000 to
29,999 FP
30,000 to
39,999 FP
40,000 to
49,999 FP
50,000 to
59,999 FP
60,000 to
65,530 FP

Increasing Friendship Points

Giving a gift

The easiest way to raise friendships is by talking to the villagers daily and giving them gifts. Talking to a person will earn you +100 friendship points per day. If you do not talk to a person for 7 or more days, there is a 30% chance that the person will lose 100 FP for each day you continue to ignore him or her. Make sure you talk to people on a regular basis!

Gifts that you give will earn you different amounts of FP depending on how much the person likes the gift. Each person in the game has different gift preferences, so try to give a gift that will give you the most FP impact. You can only give one gift per day. If you have ignored a person for awhile, they will not accept your gifts! To get the person to take gifts again, just talk to them for that day and then try to give the person a gift the next day.

You can increase the friendship points you receive by wrapping the gift you're going to give. The wrapping booth at the weekly bazaar will box up your gifts, one at a time, and charge you 200 G for each one. You can wrap the gifts in red, blue, or yellow paper. If you happen to wrap your gift with a wrapping paper color that the person you are giving the gift to prefers, then you'll earn an extra +100 friendship points!

Gift QualityNormalWrappedWrapped
(w/ fav color)
(color + bday)
Special gift+800 FP+1000 FP+1100 FP+4000 FP+6000 FP+6100 FP
Loved gift+500 FP+600 FP+700 FP+2500 FP+3000 FP+3100 FP
Liked gift+150 FP+250 FP+350 FP+750 FP+1050 FP+1150 FP
Okay gifts+50 FP+150 FP+250 FP+250 FP+350 FP+450 FP
Disliked gift-200 FP-300 FP-400 FP-1000 FP-1300 FP-1400 FP
Hated gift-500 FP-600 FP-700 FP-2500 FP-3000 FP-3100 FP
HORROR gift-1000 FP-1200-1300 FP-5000 FP-15,000 FP-15,100 FP

Giving a gift on the person's birthday is a huge boost in friendship points. Don't forget a villager's birthday!

Besides talking and gifts, you can show the person their favorite animal but only if they are on your farm; either a dog, cat, chick, or chicken. You can earn +100 FP per day by showing the person their preferred pet. You can only do this with your spouse, your child, and Isaac and Wilbur. You can't take the pets or chickens off of your farm.

You can also decrease friendship with villagers. Throwing an item into the rivers of Zephyr Town will drop your FP by -100 with the villagers who happen to be in the same area. Also, if you let one of your animals die of sickness, you will lose -1000 FP with all of the villagers.

Friendships with Animals

Giving a gift

You can see your animal friendship points by going into your barn and looking at the blackboard by the door. You will see a menu for your chickens, cows, sheep, cats, dogs, and the horse. If you don't own a specific type of animal, then the animal's status menu will not be accessible.

Each red-colored heart next to the animal represents 99 friendship points, with a maximum of 1000 FP; no hearts means you have between 0 and 99 FP, 1 heart is 100 to 199 FP, and so on. The more hearts an animal has, the higher the star quality of the product the animal produces. You also have a better chance of winning the seasonal animal festivals.

Raising friendship with your animals is fairly easy to do:

+1 FP - Talk to your animals once per day. You need the Stethoscope to "talk" to your chickens
- Clip a sheep's wool
- Milk a cow
- Pick up a chicken
- Have a chicken inside in the morning so it can lay an egg
- Ring your bell
- Leave your animal outside for 2 hours on a sunny or cloudy day
+2 FP - Brush your cow, sheep, or horse once per day
+100 FP - Enter an animal festival and take 3rd place
+200 FP - Enter an animal festival and take 2nd place
+300 FP - Enter an animal festival and take 1st place
-15 FP - Left your animal outside during a snowstorm, and the next day is snowy
- Ignore your animal for 2 days (no talk, brush, etc.)
-10 FP - Leave your animal outside for 2 hours on a stormy or snow storm day
- Hit your animal with your hammer, hoe, axe, or sickle
-5 FP - Leave your animal outside for 2 hours on a rainy day
- Do not feed your animal
-1 FP - Let your animal remain sick

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