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Elli lives at the bakery with her grandmother, Ellen, and Jeff, the bakery master and her friend of sorts. Both her parents died while she was young, the poor girl. She's an excellent baker and most of her goods are sold at the bakery. She's very sweet and good-natured, both sensitive and emotional at times. She's very motherly; the prospect of marriage and raising a family absolutely elates her. Patient and kind, Elli is the epitome of what you would call a good wife, whether it be for you or Jeff.

Likes: Eggs, milk (gold especially), fish, when you buy sweets from the bakery.
Dislikes: Insects, squirrels.
Birthday: Fall 1
Gift to you: On your birthday, Elli will give you a handkerchief.
Rival: Jeff the bakery master.
Sprains her ankle: In the mountains by the river.
Photo Event: One evening in the Fall, Elli will stop by the farm to ask you if you would like to make Moondrop Dew with her. Agree with her and you'll get a photo after witnessing the event.

"I'll be the mommy and you be the daddy."
"Honey, dinner is ready."
...Playing house...The girl made mud cookies...
"No, don't eat it!"
"Help! Somebody, daddy!"
...He got a stomachache and was sick in bed.

After the dream, head on over to either the Bakery or to left side of Flowerbud Village. There you'll see May and Stu playing house. Elli will talk to you and ask you if you remember anything about playing house with her. Tell her you do and she'll be happy with you.

Where to be found: Elli is almost always inside the bakery or outside it in the yard. On Mondays when the bakery is closed, she's usually off wandering in the mountains and can very occasionally be found in the Flower Shop. On Sundays, she seems to disappear altogether for some reason. For the Fireworks, she'll be in the yard of the Bakery. On both Starry Night and New Year's Eve, she'll be in the Church.

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