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Ushi No Tane
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Popuri is the daughter of Basil and Lillia, both of whom reside at the Flower Shop. Her family is very nature-oriented: Lillia's a florist and Basil's a botanist, so naturally she's grown up to love plants, flowers in particular. Popuri is rather friendly, very bubbly, and an overall sweetheart. However, she's slightly childish, rather stubborn and has a bit of a temper. She obviously loves the springtime.

Likes: Flowers (especially ones grown on your farm, though it's not necessary), cakes and pie from the bakery, strawberries.
Dislikes: Insects.
Birthday: Spring 22
Gift to you: On your birthday, Popuri will give you some potpourri... Notice the pun.
Rival: Gray the rancher.
Sprains her ankle: In the mountain area behind the carpenter's house.
Photo Event: When the Flower Shop begins carrying Blue Mist seeds in Spring of the 2nd year, buy a bag. Once you do so, you and Popuri will plant the seeds in the area near the Goddess pond. Water the seeds once every day for approximately a week and the flower will bloom. A rare butterfly will appear near the flower. You'll get a picture the following day.

"A little bit more, and I can reach it. Uuuun."
...A girl was trying to pick a flower under the cliff...
...Falling Together...
"Hey! What are you doing here? It's dangerous!"
"Daddy, I found a flower."
...That girl was...

After the dream sequence, go to the mountain area behind the carpenter's home. You'll see Popuri at the top of the cliff. Eventually, she'll suddenly slip and fall. You have to climb the tree in front of the cliff in order to save her. When she asks you if you remember doing anything like that before, tell her you do, and she'll be happy that you remembered.

Where to be found: On sunny days, Popuri is usually found watering the... sidewalk outside of the flower shop. On Sundays, she'll be visiting Green Ranch to deliver grass seeds. Occasionally, she'll be found up by the restaurant in the mountains. For the Fireworks Festival, Popuri can be found up in the mountains (climb the tree), as well as Starry Night. On New Year's Eve, she'll be at the Church.

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