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Ushi No Tane
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World Map

world map

1. Your Farm: this is where you live and work doing things from planting and harvesting your crops, feeding and milking your cows, and training your horse for up coming horse races. In the mornings you may receive visits from local towns people, and the mayor detailing certain events in the near future.

2. Green Farm: This farm is owned by Hall Green, and he has his two kids living with him... Ann Green and Grey Green. Basically this is the place where you come and get your horse, and buy things for your animals. There are total of 3 buildings in on the farm, the blue looking one is the animal shop where you can buy animals and animal items, Ann's room is also located in this building. The brown one is where Grey lives, and the red roofed one is the barn where they hold the animals.

3. The Beach: Here you can do some fishing from the dock (location for the of the Power Berries), but not only is this place a beach but the spirit festival is held here on the 27th day of Winter... Karen also takes you here to watch the fireworks.

4. Vineyard: This is where Karen, and here parents live while they tend to there grapes hoping that they will make a great batch of wine.... Kai is also an employee of the Vineyard. You can sample there wine if you have a [bottle] down in there cellar.

5. Outer forest: You can find the fisherman here (he gives you his old fishing rod), and the Carpenters cabin where you can pay for extensions to your home and barn. Fishing in this area is also some of the best in the town. Follow the path on the right and you will come to an empty space where later in your first winter you will help build the Hot springs (after the earthquake).

6. Goddess Pond: Here the Goddess pond is located where you can give offerings of many different types of vegetation, she will grant you one wish per offering. You will also plant a very special flower here with Popuri later on in the second Summer.

7. Sprites Cave: the sprites are located here, and if you befriend them they will help you out during some tough times (like hurricanes), also in this cave the mining area is located, you can mine here during the winter, to find many rare valuables.

8. Moon Mountain Summit: This summit is the vocal point of many things that happen to you while living your town, you spend new years eve here with your wife.... Also there is a restaurant located here owned by a pair of elderly, it is said that they make the best spring rolls in the town!

9. Race Track: This is where you will race your dog, and horse a couple times a year... you may also place bets on the races earning points to buy certain prizes which include some things to make your home look better.

10. Town Square: Most of the festivals in town are held here, that includes the voting for the Harvest King and the New Years day festival.... most every other times of the year it is almost completely empty.

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