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Ushi No Tane
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Maria is the daughter of the Mayor and his unnamed wife. She works as a receptionist at the library and spends most of her time there. She's adorably shy; when you first meet her, she tends to stutter while speaking to you. Not only that, but she embarrasses quite easily. She's very kind, courteous, and trusts easily. She has a bit of a fascination with books and insects, and occasionally draws on her free time.

Likes: Cabbages, insects (show them to her), when you read books (press 'A' near the bookshelves).
Dislikes: Your dog and wild animals.
Birthday: Winter 11
Gift to you: On your birthday, Maria will give you a book. However, if you have her on a pink heart, she'll give you a "beautiful picture" which hangs on the wall above your bed.
Rival: Harris the mailman.
Sprains her ankle: In the library.
Photo Event: Maria will stop by one evening of Summer. If you agree to go with her, you'll get a photo.
Special Event: One day, you may see an event where the salesman is telling the Mayor that he owes him money and pressuring him to pay. Maria, out of her own kindness, will offer her beloved golden pendant as payment for the money. The salesman accepts it. Maria will ask him if he's truly happy. The salesman is slightly surprised, but tells her that he is happy. He leaves, and then she sees you and speaks with you for a while. The next day, you'll receive Maria's pendant in the mail; apparently the salesman didn't feel right taking it from her. Give it back to Maria and she'll be very happy.

"Thank you for showing me..."
...An old fairy tale book...?
"When will you come next time?"
"We'll visit again next summer. Right, [name]?"
"Really? Will you really come again?"
...The girl is about to cry...
"What? For me? Is that OK? Thank you, I'll take care of it."
"Come on... say goodbye to little..."
...The girl was waving for a long time...
...That was...

The event that goes along with the dream sequence takes place in the Library. Once you see a book sitting on Maria's desk, pick it up and give it to her rather than talking to her. If you tell her you were the one who gave her the book when she was a child, she will be very happy with you.

Where to be found: Maria is usually at the library on both sunny and rainy days. On days the library is closed, you can find her standing outside the church or in the mountains behind the carpenter's home. During the fireworks festival, she'll be in the Town Square. During both the Starry Night festival and New Year's Eve, she'll be in the church.

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