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Ushi No Tane
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Save the Vineyard:
1. Befriend Duke the bartender by giving him very berries. Make sure to talk to him each night at least twice. At the same time, begin to befriend the Harvest Sprite that lives in the cave at Mountain.
2. Continue giving Duke gifts until he gives you the "Door to Heaven" wine. He says that your grandfather wanted him to give it to you. Karen and Kai will begin commenting on the wine incessantly.
3. Continue befriending the Harvest Sprite. Eventually, he'll begin speaking regular English instead of Pig Latin. At this point, begin saving a crop you've grown.
4. The Harvest Sprite will eventually mention something about the wine. Pay attention- the second time you talk to him, he'll tell you to talk to the Goddess about it.
5 Take that crop you've been saving and toss it into the Goddess Pond (upper left screen in the mountains). The Goddess will appear. Normally, you would have had three options -- Love, strength and weather, but this time you should have another option: "Grape spirit." Select that and you and the Goddess will go pray to the old tree in the vineyard.
6. The night you go to bed on Fall 6th, the Goddess will greet you in your sleep and tell you that the vineyard has been restored!
7 There's one more thing to be done: If you have Karen at a yellow or pink heart by Fall 7th, she'll come to your house in the evening to tell you that the Keifu fairies have come to the vineyard. You'll get a nice scene and a picture.

Music Box:
The music box will raise a girl's heart level significantly. It can be obtained in any season but Winter. In order to get the music box, you must get the treasure map from the tree near the bottom right corner of your farm, by the pond. It'll tell you to go straight down from the dog house and left from the tree. Once you find that exact spot, dig in it with your hoe around ten times and you should get the music box.

Once you get the music box, befriend Rick, and he'll fix up your music box for you when you talk to him. You can give it to any girl you like. The nice thing about this trick is that it can be repeated as many times as you want!

Horse and Dog Race Trick:
At either the dog race or the horse race, talk to the mayor's wife, who's behind the desk. Place as many bets as you like on any horse. Now, instead of hitting okay, press the B button as though you wanted to cancel it. Do NOT talk to the mayor's wife again or else everything will be erased. After the horse races, you'll get paid for everything you bet on -- but you didn't have to pay a dime!

Quickly Raise Karen's Heart:
Though she pretends she doesn't like it, her heart will raise one level for every 50 times you show her your dog. If you do this in the bar while time's frozen, you can raise her heart all the way to pink in a single night!

Wine from the Vineyard:
If you buy the bottle from Rick at the Flower Festival, equip it and head on over to the vineyard. Go into the wine storage room and use the bottle while in front of one of the two barrels (it's a little hard to position yourself correctly). You'll get wine from the vineyard for free, raising your alcohol tolerance for the New Year's festival.

Ellen's Death:
Speak to Ellen in the Spring during or after the second year. She'll look as though she's sleeping. You'll witness her passing away.

Weather Vane:
In the Winter, dig in the mines until you reach the 4th floor. You may find a weather vane. Give it to Rick and he'll thank you, telling you it belonged to his grandmother, who was an inventor. He'll give you a gift as thanks.

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