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Ushi No Tane
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Power Berries

There are 10 Power Berries, they raise your energy so you can do work in one day.

1.Can be Found on you land by cultivating you land

2. Can be found in the mine (open in the winter) by going 4 levels down.

3. Can be gotten by fish off the dock (takes a lot of fishing)

4. It is given to you for winning the first Egg festival.

5. Throw a large fish into the pond by the fisherman's tent and the water Imp will give it to you.

6. Go to the Goddess first thing in the morning and choose strength

7. Buy from Sammy the salesman (guy in black) at the first flower festival

8. Plant one patch of flowers outside in the spring and after they have grown Stu will come and ask to plant more, plant four more patches an then he will come and give you marbles for them, become friends with the Harvest Sprite on the right of the table and one day he will ask you for the shiny thing (the marbles), trade them for the power berry.

9. By winter you must have a Golden hammer, go to the now frozen over fisherman's pond and hit the rock with your hardest hit.

10. This power berry is special it is blue so that you don't waste as much energy when you are working on a rainy day, you can receive this by throwing a small fish into the fisherman's pond and the water imp will give it to you.

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