This landscape designer comes from far away to manage the grounds surrounding Elise's mansion. He has traveled around the world, taking care of parks, topiaries, and other artisticy plants. Now he is in charge of the mansion grounds, but he doesn't actually get to live there. Nadi resides in room 201 at Morris' inn.

You need to be in Winter of year 1 or later before you'll meet him. On a sunny day, walk from the Oak Tree Town area to Elise's Margarete Farm area between 8:00 am to 11:30 am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday to trigger his introduction event. After that you'll see him around town, usually at the Margrete Farm area or in the restaurant. On Wednesdays between 8:00 and 19:00 he'll head out of Oak Tree Town.

Birthday: Summer 31

Favorite Wrapping Paper Colors: Green and Black

Favorite Outfits: Boys' Overalls, Green Hoodie, Knickerbockers, Black Boys' Overalls, Black Smith's Outfit, Br. Merchant Wear, Wild Farmer, Nordic Wear, Lime Green Coat, Black Jinbei, Girls' Kimono, Boys' Bright Kimono, Formal Kilt, Gray Hoodie, Cool Black Vest, Black Doctors' Uni., Black Habit, Green Ninja Garb, Black Maid's Uniform, Blk. Butler's Uniform

Favorite Accessories: Black Cat Ears, Black Framed Glasses, Cat Sunglasses

Loved Animals (+250 FP): Lemurs, Penguins, Rabbits, and Weasels

Liked Animals (+150 FP): Angora Rabbit, Chickens, Dogs, Fat Dogs, Sparrows, Foxes, Monkeys, and Spoonbills

Gift Preferences

Favorite Gift (+1000 FP)

Grass Drink = Spinach + Eggplant + Burdock + Lemon + Milk. This drink category cooked recipe is not well liked by the villagers (Angela, Jonas, Klaus, Melanie, Mistel, and Pepite all hate it), but Nadi adores this stuff. This recipe can be purchased from Susanne the traveling salesperson for 4000 G.

Suzanne and the other two, Reiner and Dmitri, will visit your house starting after Fall 7 of year 2. You'll receive one of the visitors a minimum of 20 days apart; the longer it is between visits, the greater the chance of seeing one when you exit your house. The salespersons will rotate, and you can't request a specific one. Even then, the item that he/she offers is random and it is set in advance (i.e., you can't just reload your game and hope the person offers something different. I've tried, it doesn't work). You'll have to get lucky and hope that Susanne sells the Grass Drink recipe when she stops by.

This item can also be given to you as a reward for completing the special shipping requests from the Trade Depot vendors.

Loved Gifts (+500 FP)

The easiest loved gift to give to Nadi is Bouillabaise. You can get this soup category cooking recipe from the Rose Country vendor for 1500 G once you reach Winter of year 1. The only ingredient you'll need is any fish, so this is pretty dang easy. Remember, you need to buy the Basic Soup Recipes before most of the other soup recipes are available.

Unfortunately, the remaining gift options are not simple. He likes a lot of high level fish recipes: Anglerfish Stew, Fried Anglerfish, Eel Bowl, Marlin Steak, Grouper Stew, Mitten Crab Soup, Turtle Soup, Sturgeon Soup, and even the Angler's Luck potion you can use to increase your fishing bite. These are not easy to obtain.

The other items he likes are Orichalcum Hoe, Orichalcum Watering Can, and Mythic Ore tools (except for the clippers or milker). This is probably more effort that it is worth in comparison to Bouillabaise.

Liked Gifts (+300 FP)

Some easy liked gifts for Nadi are fish and Fish Feed, which you can buy from Otmar's general store for 50 G each. He also likes fish bait, but you'll need to make it by combining fish together, so you might as well give him the plain fish.

Other gifts that Nadi likes include other drink category cooked recipes except for tea drinks, other fish-based cooked recipes (Grilled Fish, Chirashi Sushi, Squid Rice, Cod Roe Pasta, etc.), Rice, black colored cloth+ and yarn, Cactus, green jewelry, Dry Curry, Curry Rice, Spicy Curry, Omelet, and Turnip Salad

Disliked Gifts (-300 FP)

Crops and dried crops (except for Melon, Pineapple, and Watermelon), crop-based cooked recipes (Yam Salad, Boiled Spinach, Onion Soup, Pumpkin Croquette, Carrot Juice, etc.)

Hated Gifts (-500 FP)

Golden crops except for Golden Pineapple, Golden Melon, and Gold Watermelon; Coleslaw, Tomato Salad, and Mixed Salad

HORROR Gift (-800 FP)

Summer Veggie Salad. You can receive this recipe by winning the harvest, cooking, or fishing festivals. The recipe set you are looking for is Recipe Set #2.

Flower Events

White Flower Event

An Unexpected Side To Him

screen shot

» Walk into Maurice's inn
» 19:30 to 21:30
» Not Sunday
» Sunny weather
» Nadi has 5000 FP or more
» Melanie has 1000 FP or more

Inside the inn, Melanie is asking Nadi to tell his travel stories to her. He doesn't feel like it, but she keeps pestering him. Perhaps if no stories, he'll play hide and seek? They notice you're standing there, so Melanie asks what's up.

Purple Flower Event

What is Nature?

screen shot

» Walk from the Riverside Pasture to the Piedmont area
» 8:00 to 11:30
» Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday
» Sunny weather
» Nadi has a purple flower color or higher
» You have seen Nadi's white flower event

Nadi explains that he received a request to design a garden. Instead of what he normally designs, he wants to make this one as close to natural as he can. He figured he could get inspired by coming here to look at the scenery, but he's not getting any design ideas. He's not bothered though, as it is a challenge to make a natural garden, but he is not really sure what natural could be. What would you say a natural design would be?

You must give Nadi a Ring to see his remaining flower events. You can make a Ring when using the Sewing Studio Accessory Bench, by combining a Silver ore and a Fluorite. Give the Ring on a sunny Saturday or Sunday before 23:00 when Nadi has a blue flower color or higher and you have seen the white and purple flower events.

Yellow Flower Event

A Break From A Date

screen shot

» Maurice's inn, room 201
» 19:30 to 21:30
» Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday
» Sunny weather
» Nadi has a yellow flower color or higher
» You are going steady with Nadi

You go up to visit Nadi in his room to ask if he wants to go out on a date. Nadi explains that he has an appointment soon, but if it is a short date then he is willing to participate. The two of you head to the cafe tables outside the Restaurant.

While on your date, Nadi confesses that he's actually pretty exhausted, as his work has kept him very busy lately. He asks if you would mind if he took a short 30-minute nap. He goes on to fall asleep at the table, and after the 30 minutes have gone by, you wonder what you should do; he is sleeping so soundly...

Event Helper: CaptainSparx

Pink Flower Event

A Date Invitation

screen shot

» Oak Tree Town, west side
» 12:00 to 15:00
» Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday
» Sunny weather
» Nadi has a pink flower color or higher
» You are going steady with Nadi
» You have seen Nadi's yellow flower event

Nadi is talking to himself, wondering if it is okay to just ask you out on a date, but he is unsure how he should. He finally determines that it'll turn out however it turns out. When he walks up to you, Georgio also makes an appearance. The rival farmer showers you with complements and explains that he is inviting all of the lovely ladies in town to a tea party. Nadi is clearly uncomfortable with the situation, and he drags you away.

Your boyfriend scolds you a little bit for being so approachable. He was planning on asking you out on a date first anyway! Now you know what he was up to, but Nadi brushes it off and claims that he just happened to be walking by when he saw Georgio invite you out.

Event Helpers: RoseRaider64 and LexiCapra