Lillie lives with her dad, Maurice, and her little sister, Melanie, at the inn in Oak Tree Town. She likes to help the other villagers when she has the opportunity to do so, and tries to be the best big sister possible for Melty. She has a passion for watching the sky, clouds, and other atmospheric phenomenon.

Because of her passion for weather, Lillie is the local weather forecaster on television. Each morning you can tune in and watch the next day's weather on your TV set. You'll need to build the Television for your house, so buy the blueprint from Mistel's Antique Shop for 2500 G, then combine 12 Black Lumber, 6 Bottles, 5 Iron, 5 Glittering Stone, and 3 Crystal. If you haven't unlocked the Safari Park yet, you can go diving in the river to collect the Bottles and Glittering Stone; the Iron and Crystal can be bought from Asche at the Silk Country booth.

Since she is busy with her TV reporting, Lillie is out of town between 7:30 am and 17:00 during the work week. She's easier to find on the weekends, even though she still does a weekend weather report.

Birthday: Summer 6

Favorite Wrapping Paper Colors: Red and Yellow

Favorite Outfits: Apron Skirt, Red Farm Boys' Duds, Red Hoodie, Crims. Knickerbockers, Kung Fu Farmer, Nordic Dress, Rose Pink Dress, Red Alpine Skirt, Red Poncho, Pink Casual Jacket, Wild Rocker, Boys' White School Uni., Strawberry Hoodie, Orange Shortalls, Striped Poncho, Red Chef's Uniform, Red Ninja Garb, Ruby Cheongsam, Red Butler's Uniform, Dog Costume

Favorite Accessories: Bandana, Brown Dog Ears, Beret, Flower Pin, Mariner's Hat, Red Framed Glasses

Liked Animals (+150 FP): All animals except for Weasel and Tanuki

Gift Preferences

Favorite Gift (+1000 FP)

Chocolate Ice Cream = Ice + Milk + Cocoa. The recipe for this dessert is for sale at Silk Country for 1200 G once you reach Summer of year 1. The sticking point is going to be with obtaining Cocoa fruit.

You have to grow the Cocoa from a tree, as it cannot be picked up off the ground. The tree seedling is for sale late in the game at the Tropical Country Trade Depot vendor for 1500 G each. The other option is to present offerings to Dessie by tossing an item into her pond. Once you have given 75 gifts, Dessie will reward you with a single Cocoa fruit. You can then use the Seed Maker to create a seedling to plant.

Loved Gifts (+500 FP)

Lillie's loved gifts are also chocolate-based: Iced Cocoa, Cafe Mocha, Chocolate Shake, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Juice, and Chocolate Cake. You might get Chocolate Cake as a gift for the Valentine's Day festival if you're playing as a boy, which you can then turn around and give to Lillie.

The other loved gifts that Lillie likes are also not terribly easy to obtain. She likes Rd. Alpaca-Wl. Cloth+, Red Rabbit-Fur Cloth+, Red Rabbit-Fur Cloth+, Red Suffolk-Wool Cloth+, Red Cloth+, Fruit Yogurt+, Jersey Fruit Yogurt+, Zebu Fruit Yogurt+, Jersey Milk+, and Zebu Milk+. Your animals can produce high quality "+" items if you take them to pasture at the Safari Park for a total of 100 in-game hours.

Liked Gifts (+300 FP)

Some of Lillie's simple gifts are fish, tea leaves, Milk, and flowers. She also likes fireflies, dragonflies, butterflies, tree fruit, red cloth, Amethyst, flower bouquets, flower seeds, Milk+, Jersey Milk, Zebu Milk, red jewelry, honey, tea drinks, juices, shakes, ice cream (except for Pumpkin Ice Cream), cake (except for Vegetable Cake), Pudding, and Soy Milk Pudding

Disliked Gifts (-300 FP)

Other gems (Emerald, Sandrose, Diamond, etc.), junk items (Coin, Empty Can, Fish Bones), foraged items (Honeycomb, Plum, Snowball, etc.), ores (Silver, Glass Stone, Iron, etc.), Pumpkin, Golden Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Golden Sweet Potato, Tomato, Golden Tomato, Carrot, Golden Carrot, wine, Fish Feed, Chestnut Rice, sweet potato cooked recipes, Pumpkin Doria, Poison Mushroom, Potato Pancake, Mixed Salad, Milk Salad, Vegetable Bread, Corn Salad, Boiled Corn, Roasted Corn

Hated Gifts (-500 FP)

Carrot Juice, Carrot Soup, Pumpkin Croquette, Pumpkin Salad, Pumpkin Ice Cream, Pumpkin Pie, Boiled Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pudding, Tomato Salad, Tomato Soup, Grilled Tomato, Tomato Juice, Tomato Risotto, Stuffed Tomato

HORROR Gift (-800 FP)

Grilled Pumpkin. You can buy this recipe from Wheat Country.

Flower Events

White Flower Event

Lillie's Daily Life

screen shot

» Walk from the Piedmont area to Oak Tree Town
» 10:00 to 17:00
» Saturday or Sunday
» Sunny weather
» Lillie has 5000 FP or more

Otmar is thanking Lillie for helping him with his freight. Lillie is glad to help, since it's a good thing that she happened to be passing by (as he looked like a turtle who was flipped over on its shell), but she advises him to be more careful when he's carrying heavy things. Otmar says he'll will, but it is nice to get turned back over by someone so pretty! Lillie tells him it isn't something to laugh about and to get someone to help him when he's carrying something heavy.

A moment later, you see her talking with Corona, who had received some fashion advice from Lillie and now is thanking her. Lillie is glad to hear that her suggestions worked out. Corona tells Lillie that she's really good at giving advice and she'll ask Lillie for it again some day. Lillie then tells her about the latest trends from a tv fashion show.

After Corona leaves, you walk up to talk to Lillie. You surprise her, and she asks what's the matter.

Event Helper: ragnawind

Purple Flower Event

Lillie's Weather Knowledge

screen shot

» Walk from Oak Tree Town to the Piedmont area
» 11:00 to 14:00
» Saturday or Sunday
» Sunny weather
» Lillie is at a purple flower color or higher
» You have seen Lillie's white flower event

You meet up with Lillie by the fishing dock in the Foothills, where she explains that she was watching the clouds. Today's weather was good, and it should continue on to tonight. Lillie's job is to know the weather. She tells you about predicting rainfall based on the clouds and how the wind blows, and she can understand how this good weather will continue.

You must give Lillie a Ring to see her remaining flower events. You can make a Ring when using the Sewing Studio Accessory Bench, by combining a Silver ore and a Fluorite. Give the Ring on a sunny Saturday or Sunday before 11:00 pm when Lillie has a blue flower color or higher and you have seen the white and purple flower events.

Yellow Flower Event

Too Embarrassing...!

screen shot

» Maurice's Inn, Lillie's room
» 6:00 to 9:00
» Saturday or Sunday
» Sunny weather
» Lillie has a yellow flower color or higher
» Melanie has 10,000 FP or more
» You are going steady with Lillie

Melanie is giving her sister a piece of her mind, as she feels that Lillie isn't putting enough effort into her relationship with you. Lillie doesn't really know what to do. You enter the room and Melanie assumes that you're here to ask Lillie out on a date. You confirm that's your intention, so Melanie asks that you leave the room so they can get ready.

After you leave, Melanie tells her sister that she needs to tell you that you are interested in going out on a date with you, but Lillie is insecure on how to respond or how to act while on a date. She's really embarrassed! Melanie tries to encourage her sister by suggested that she just be herself, and offers to go with her on this date. Next time, Lillie will have to go out on her own. She agrees, but only if you say it is okay for her little sister to tag along.

Back outside the room, Lillie asks you if it is okay for Melanie to go with you.

Event Helpers: Andrew W., zeeroid

Pink Flower Event

A Little Progress

screen shot

» Walk from the Riverside Pasture to the Piedmont area
» 10:00 to 17:00
» Saturday or Sunday
» Sunny weather
» Lillie has a pink flower color or higher
» You are going steady with Lillie
» You have seen Lillie's yellow flower event

You walk into the Piedmont area and run into Lillie, who is startled by your presence. She explains that she was just thinking of you and to have you show up like this is a little unexpected. You ask if she would like to go out on a date together, which surprises her again, but she says she'd like to give that a try. Lillie doesn't appear to be very welcoming! You become bothered with her. Lillie notices that you're getting upset and explains that it is just a misunderstanding.

Event Helper: Andrew W.m @zerotruemark