This bachelorette is available from the beginning of the game. She lives with her mother, Veronica, at the Guild Hall and works in the back-office clinic with Doctor Marian. She likes to keep to an efficient schedule, and will stop Marion if his conversations begin to wander from the topic of his patient's diagnosis. Angela is greatly concerned with the health of her mother, as she feels Veronica doesn't take enough time to care for herself.

You'll find Angela working in the clinic most of the time. When she is working, she will wander from shelf to shelf, tending to the items that she finds there. When she is working at the shelves you won't be able to give her a gift. You'll have to wait until she stands back up.

Birthday: Winter 2

Favorite Wrapping Paper Colors: Blue or White

Favorite Outfits: Blue Work Clothes, White Streetwear, Orange Work Outfit, Sailor Uniform, Sailor Scarf, Violet Hakama & Apron, Yellow Hakama & Apron, Sky-Blue Raincoat, Casual Jacket, Yellow Plaid Raincoat, Pink Casual Jacket, Dashing Prince Uniform, Cobolt Hoodie, Cool Black Vest, Winter Knit, White Doctors' Uni., White Habit, White Ninja Garb, Magical Girl Costume, Super Maid's Uniform

Favorite Accessories: Blue Framed Glasses, Round Glasses, White Framed Glasses

Liked Animals (+150 FP): Cats, Dogs, and Lemurs

Gift Preferences

Favorite Gift (+1000 FP)

Fall Herb Tea = Fall Tea Leaves + a herb. The recipe can be purchased for 2600 G from Susanne the traveling salesperson. The hiccup is the fact that she's a traveling salesperson. She and the other two, Reiner and Dmitri, will visit your house starting after Fall 7 of year 2. You'll receive one of the visitors a minimum of 20 days apart; the longer it is between visits, the greater the chance of seeing one when you exit your house. The salespersons will rotate, and you can't request a specific one. Even then, the item that he/she offers is random and it is set in advance (i.e., you can't just reload your game and hope the person offers something different. I've tried, it doesn't work). You'll have to get lucky and hope that Susanne sells the Fall Herb recipe when she stops by.

Loved Gifts (+500 FP)

Instead of making the tea, you can simply give her Spring Tea Leaves, Summer Tea Leaves, or Fall Tea Leaves. The Tea plant seedlings can be purchased from Asche at Silk Country for 1260 G starting in Fall of year 1. You can plant the bushes on your own farm; you don't have to wait until you have won the rights to use the Tea Field from the Conquest rival competition.

Angela loves all other tea drink recipes including Apple Tea, Cherry Tea, Vegetable Tea, Spring Tea, Summer Milk Tea, and so on. Sometimes you can receive Earl Gray Tea and Milk Tea from completing Trade Depot vendor requests.

Liked Gifts (+300 FP)

She likes all vegetable crops that you can grow: Turnip, Tomato, Corn, Watermelon, etc. Angela also likes all golden crops, all tree fruit (Lemon, Orange, etc.), all herbs, Tomato Salad, and Walnut Bread. She also likes white objects: Snowdrop flower, White Rose, Lily, and white jewelry.

Disliked Gifts (-300 FP)

Wine, junk items like Empty Can and Fish Bones, Rock and Pebble, Scrap Ore, Aloe Juice, Carrot Juice, Chocolate Juice, Honey Shake, Lassi, giant fish (Catfish, Conger Eel, etc.), and giant fish-based cooked recipes.

Hated Gifts (-500 FP)

Grass Drink and Poison Mushroom

HORROR Gift (-800 FP)

Spicy Curry (cooked recipe)

Flower Events

White Flower Event

To Become a Guildmaster

screen shot

» Oak Tree Town Guild Hall, second floor
» 19:00 to 23:00
» Any day of the week
» Sunny weather
» Angela has 5000 FP or more

Angela explains that she was reading books about guilds. The guild is not something you receive by hereditary. In order to take over the guild, it has to be approved by everyone in the village and her mother. Right now she doesn't have any plans to stop her work as a nurse, since she wants to support her mom any way she can. When it comes time for her mom to retire, Angela wants to be her successor, so she needs to make her best efforts now.

You think that's admirable, but Angela has her doubts. She asks if you think she could become the guildmaster?

Purple Flower Event

Pond Rumors

screen shot

» Walk from Oak Tree Town (east) to Oak Tree Town (west), northern pathway
» 11:00 to 14:00
» Sunday
» Sunny weather
» Angela is at a purple flower color or higher
» You have seen Angela's white flower event

Lillie and Angela are talking together when Lillie tells Angela that she has to go. She quickly runs off, leaving you and Angela alone. The nurse explains that she had been telling Lillie the legend of the pond in the mountain, where you put something into the pond and receive a wish. A goddess lives in the pond and she will grant you one wish, or at least that is how the story goes. If such a pond exists you should give it a try.

Angela wonders if it would be great to wish to win the lottery or to use magic. She asks you what you would wish for if the story about the pond was true.

You must give Angela a Ring to see her remaining flower events. You can make a Ring when using the Sewing Studio accessory bench, by combining a Silver ore and a Fluorite. Give the Ring on a sunny Saturday or Sunday before 11:00 pm when Angela has a blue flower color or higher and you have seen the white and purple flower events.

Yellow Flower Event

Watch What You Say

screen shot

» Oak Tree Guild Hall, second floor
» 19:00 to 23:00
» Not Sunday
» Sunny weather
» Angela has a yellow flower color or higher
» You are going steady with Angela

Upstairs, Angela is by herself so you ask her out on a date. She agrees, so the two of you head out to the bridge in the Piedmont area. Angela comments how it appears that you're enjoying yourself, but she wonders how she is so entertaining to you.

This event ends at your farm house.

Event Helpers: Nick, Tenside, Shane R., @zerotruemark

Pink Flower Event

Angela's Intemperance

screen shot

» Oak Tree Town Guild Hall, Clinic room
» 7:30 to 12:00
» Not Sunday
» Sunny weather
» Angela has a pink flower color or higher
» Veronica has 10,000 FP or more
» Marian has 5000 FP or more
» You are going steady with Angela
» You have seen Angela's yellow flower event

Angela seems to be thinking of something, and your sudden appearance startled her. You notice she is acting differently, but she requests that you come back when she isn't busy working. As she walks away, Angela collapses. You insist that she lie down and rest. She insists that she doesn't have the time to rest.

The event ends back in front of your farm house.

Event Helpers: Shane R., Andrew D., Tenside, @zerotruemark