Animal Island

Animal Islands

In the western corner of the world is the Animal Island, where all of the wild animals live. You will need to use 10 Sun Stones to raise the island

There are only two things on Animal Island; the red Harvest Sprite, Cherry, and a feeding spot. When you put food in the feeding spot, you will entice a wild animal family to make an appearance. Different types of foods will bring out different animals, and sometimes a food can bring out more than one! If you don't want to put items that you've produced on your farm in the wild animals' feeding spot, you can buy wild animal food from Mirabelle's shop.

Note: Cherry and the feeding bin will not appear on Animal Island until a few days after it has been raised.

After you have raised your friendship to 3 hearts with a wild animal family, you can talk to Cherry to ask the animals for help. Each of the 6 wild animal groups are specialized in different tasks:

  • Badgers: Picks up wild herbs and weeds
  • Ducks: Catches fish of all sizes and special items like Pirate Treasure, Bottled Message, and Fish Fossil
  • Monkeys: Collects Branches, Stones, Lumber, Material Stone, and Gold Lumber
  • Mice: Finds any ore or jewel
  • Rabbits: Picks up flowers
  • Sparrows: Brings back Bamboo Sprouts, Chestnuts, Sea Urchin, and Blueberries

You can ask for one animal family to help you per day. The next day when you return to Animal Island, talk to Cherry again to collect the items that the animals have found for you. The animals will only work for one day, so don't expect to receive more items if you wait a few days before returning to Cherry for pick-up.

Hidden Sun Stones

There are 2 Sun Stones associated with this island:

  • You have a 5% chance of getting a stone from riding Kirk's boat to the island.
  • Investigate the water pond next to the feeding spot.

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