Will's Heart Events

Will's Troubles
Purple Heart Event

» Walk from Ranch Island to Verdure Island
» Sunny or Cloudy day: 8:00 am to 11:00 am
» Will at a purple heart color or above

As you are walking down the path, Will accidentally bumps into you. Will apologizes and asks if you are injured.

» It's all right. = Positive answer!

Will is glad to know you are okay, as he had nearly injured a maiden. He explains that his mind was occupied; the time on the islands seems to pass by slower than anywhere he's been before. Perhaps because it's the islands are so peaceful and everyone is so kind to one another. Will is glad he had the chance to talk to you, and now he's off to explore the islands some more.

» It's not all right. = Negative answer.

The gentleman feels sorry for hurting a lady, and requests that he escort you back to your farm to make up for it. He is truly sorry for injuring you, even if it wasn't very serious.

Will's Invitation
Blue Heart Event

» Walk into the cabin of Will's boat
» Rainy day: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
» Will at a blue heart color or above
» You have seen "Will's Troubles"

Will is glad that you have stopped by to visit him on this rainy (or snowy) day, but he was just on his way out the door; Regis had invited Will to his house. Will thinks for a moment and asks if you would like to go with him to the mansion. You are reluctant to intrude, but Will insists that Regis and Sabrina would like to see you too.

» I'll go = Positive answer!

You accompany Will to his uncle's house, where Regis and Sabrina are cooking some food to eat. Regis tells "William" that the food is almost ready, and notices that you've come along with his nephew. He is glad that you've come to eat as well. Sabrina says that her father's soup is really good.

You will return back to your farmhouse when the event is over, and your Fullness bar will be filled.

» I'll pass this time around. = Negative answer.

Will is shocked because he has never been turned down by a maiden before! He must head out to his visit with his uncle and so he leaves you behind.

Will and Arthur
Green Heart Event

» Take Kirk's boat from any island to Verdure Island
» Sunny day: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
» Will at a green heart color or above
» You have seen "Will's Invitation"

As you are exiting the boat, you hear a horse off in the distance. It turns out to be Will, riding his white stallion along the beach. Will dismounts as he rides up to you and introduces you to his horse, Arthur. You and Arthur met once before, when you first met Will. The horse seems happy to see you again.

Will explains that he did originally send Arthur back home after you first met, but then he received a letter from his parents that said Arthur was lonely without him. Will can't go home yet so he had Arthur sent to the island.

» You get along so well! = Positive answer!

The two of them have been together since Will was born, and the two of them have never been apart. Unfortunately Arthur couldn't stay on the island; doing this journey was meaningful because Will was doing it alone. He apologizes to his horse for leaving him behind.

You don't think that's the case at all. It seems Arthur was just worried about Will, and not necessarily lonely. Will is glad that the horse was simply worried, and thanks him for the concern. Will thanks you as well because you were able to understand what Arthur was trying to tell him.

The two of them gallop away so Will can spend some time alone with his horse, telling him stories about his live on the island.

» Sounds like a pain... = Negative answer.

Will doesn't see it that way! He and Arthur have been together since Will was born. Will is annoyed at you, and rides off on his horse.

Out with Will
Yellow Heart Event

» Walk into your farm house
» Sunny day: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
» Not on Cloudy days
» Will at a yellow heart color or above
» You have seen "Will and Arthur"

As you go inside your house, Will comes by to check to see if you're home. He wants to hear your voice and invites you to go somewhere.

» Sure! = Positive answer!

Just thinking how you'll spend the day together sends his heart racing. The two of you walk through Verdure Island until you reach the diner. Will has always wanted to go inside, but he didn't want to do it alone. He asks if you would go with him. Of course you will!

Inside the diner, Will comments on how much smaller it is inside than he thought it would be. He had heard that he has to place his own order to get food, and asks you to point him in the right direction. The two of you head over to the counter and Will orders some food.

Back at the table, Will finds his meal to be quite nice. The food is delicious and the spices are tantalizing, although the most amazing spice is simply being with you.

Will thanks you for going out with him today. You will return to your farm house at 6:00 pm.

» No thanks. = Negative answer.

That's too bad. Will sadly leaves.

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