Link Island

Link Island

Link Island is a small island that rises in the northwest corner of Ranch Island. You have to hire Gannon to build a bridge to it before you can walk to it. Link Island itself doesn't really do anything but link three other islands together. Link Island costs 3 Sun Stones to unlock, and each bridge costs 10,000 G plus 100 wood or 15,000 G.

Greenhouse Island

The Greenhouse is the left bridge from Link Island. Unlocking the island costs 10 Sun Stones and it does not come with a Greenhouse built on it. You have to hire Gannon to build the Greenhouse building and its add-ons:

  • Initial construction: 4000 Lumber + 300,000 G, or 550,000 G
  • Size upgrade: 9000 Lumber + 500,000 G, or 990,000 G
  • Watering Trough: 400 Lumber + 500,000 G, or 550,000 G
  • Shipping Bin: 200 Lumber + 1000 G, or 15,000 G
  • Sun Stone holder: 200 Lumber + 900,000 G, or 920,000 G

The initial construction of the Greenhouse is the building itself plus 1 Sun Stone Holder. The seasonal suns can be purchased from Chen's store for 1000 G each, and they will give each crop growing in the Greenhouse +1 Sun Point per day. You can construct 2 additional Sun Stone Holders that allows you to have a combination of +3 Sun Points per day.

Rice Island

Rice Island

The northern bridge from Link Island leads to Rice Island. You need to spend 5 Sun Stones to unlock it.

Rice Island holds four 3x11 strips of rice paddy soil you can use to plant rice. The Rice Seeds are sold by Chen for 200 G each and will start to appear in his shop after you raise the Rice Island. Rice takes at least 60 days to mature, so you want to plant Rice during the Spring season so you have time to harvest it before Winter arrives.

Before you can plant Rice, you will have to till the rice paddy soil. You will need to attach a Yellow Wonderful to your Hoe in order to till the soil, and you can only till during Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. Make sure you remember to power up your tool first (hold down the Y button) before you swing to till the rice paddy soil.

The Rice plants will turn from green to brown when it is ready to be harvested. Put a Yellow Wonderful on your Sickle to cut the Rice and harvest it. You can even put an Orange Wonderful on the tool to get more than one Rice per swing! Remember to power up your tool to activate the power of the Wonderfuls.

The Reaped Rice you receive after cutting can be sold in its raw form, or you can put the Reaped Rice in the Thresher Machine to process it into normal Rice. The processed Rice can be used in cooking recipes or put into the Flour Mill to make Rice Flour.

Chen sells processed Rice and Rice Flour in his shop all year long.

Fruit Island

Fruit Island

The only place you can plant trees is on Fruit Island. You need to spend 10 Sun Stones to raise the island. Trees can not be grown in the Greenhouse or on your farm.

Fruit Island has room for 16 trees to be planted. Each tree is equally spaced apart for you, so there is no need to worry about planting the trees too close together. You don't even have to till the soil before planting.

Chen will sell Apple and Peach tree seeds after you have unlocked the island. If you want Grape, Orange, and Banana tree seeds, you need to raise your Crop farm degree. You can do this by shipping crops and using the maker machines, among other things.

The weather can have a damaging affect to your trees. You can protect them by placing a piece of lumber around their roots, which will automatically construct a fence around the tree. The fence will protect the tree from the damaging affects of bad weather. The quality of lumber you use will determine how long the fence will protect the tree:

  • Wood Lumber: 1 day protection
  • Material Stone: 3 days protection
  • Gold Lumber: infinite protection

Hidden Sun Stones

There are 4 Sun Stones associated with these islands:

  • On Link Island, look south towards your farm and press A when standing next to bridge's left post
  • On Greenhouse Island, investigate the bush to the left of the island sign
  • On Rice Island, check the tree in the northeast corner
  • On Fruit Island, investigate the bush in the southeast corner

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