Getting Married

If you choose to, you can court and wed one of seven different eligible spouses of the opposite gender. Each person has different tastes and characteristics, and there's bound to be someone that is compatible with your own personality.

Each person who is eligible for marriage will have a heart marker on their portrait. To increase the color of the heart marker you will need to do favorable things, such as talk to the person daily and give gifts. There are 7 color stages you must progress through before the person will accept your marriage proposal.

Each heart stage is 10,000 friendship points (FP). As you interact with the candidates, their FP will increase and eventually their heart colors will change. Information on how to increase their friendship points can be found on the Friendships page.

When your potential mate has reached a purple, blue, green, and yellow heart colors you can trigger Heart Events. These events are required to see if you want to marry the person. You can see them even if you don't plan on marrying that particular person, since viewing heart events count towards your Other Degree points.

During a heart event, the person will give you two selections. Sometimes the selections are just for confirmation, and other times they will tell the person how you feel towards him or her. A positive answer to a heart event will earn you +2000 fp. The negative answer will decrease the person's friendship by -2000 fp. If you do answer negatively during a heart event, it does not ruin your chances to marry that person. All it does is decrease the friendship, which you can eventually make back up by giving gifts. You do not get the opportunity to re-do a heart event.

Marriage Requirements

Giving the blue feather

Before you can marry, you have to met minimum requirements in order to prove to your spouse that you are responsible enough for marriage:

  • Have a red heart color with the person you want to marry
  • View the black, purple, green, and yellow heart events
  • Own the Wife or Husband Bed, which appears at Chen's shop for 10,000 G after you upgrade your house twice.
  • Raise the Mystic Islands so that Nathan and the church can move in
  • Make an offering to the Goddess by tossing a gift into her pond at least once
  • You've received the Sun Stone the boy or girl had found

Once you are ready to marry, buy the Blue Feather from Chen's shop. It will appear in his Buy Other Items shop category for 1000 G. Even after you are married, Chen will sell Blue Feathers in case you want to spend the time to ship every S-Rank item in the game.

Give the Blue Feather to propose to the person you want to marry. If you have completed the basic marriage requirements, you will move to your farm house to officially propose. After the person accepts your proposal, the two of you will go to the family to announce your intent to marry. Mark and Chelsea do not have any family on the island, so after you propose they just leave your house to prepare for the ceremony.

Getting married

The wedding itself will take place 7 days after you proposed. The day will not be marked on your calendar. If the wedding is going to land on the same day as a seasonal festival, the wedding will be pushed back by 1 day.

On the day of the wedding, you will immediately go to the church for the ceremony. You do not get the chance to take care of your crops or feed your animals. After you view the wedding ceremony, the ending credits will roll. Once you read through the names of the people who worked on the game, you will return to your farm house.

Your new spouse will ask what name you would like him/her to call you from now on. You can be non-creative and type in your original name, or you can be sweet and ask him/her to call you sweetie, dear, hotlips, or what ever name you can think of.

After Marriage

Lunch time!

One of the benefits to getting married is that you have a chef to cook lunch for you! Every day, you can go into your farm house between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to receive an edible item from your spouse.

The wedding date will be marked on your calendar after the ceremony takes place. This is now your anniversary date, and you can celebrate it every year. Go inside your house after 6:00 pm to celebrate together. You will be rewarded with a Wonderful Stone and +1000 fp with your spouse (and child).

You also celebrate your birthday in the same manner. Go inside your house on your birthday after 6:00 pm to receive a random present from your spouse. You do not celebrate your spouse's birthday the same way though! Your spouse's birthday is the same as it was before marriage; you give him or her a gift on the birthday and you get a boost in FP.

Some festivals will also changed. Since you are married, you no longer have to ask for a date to the Harvest Goddess Festival, the Fireworks Festival, or Starry Night Festival. On Spring Harmony day and/or Winter Harmony Day, you'll receive the love gift from your spouse after you go to bed instead of having to walk in and out of your house to receive visitors. You need to have an empty spot available in your Rucksack so that he/she can sneak it into your Rucksack while you sleep.

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