Verdure Island

Verdure Island

Just south of your Ranch Island is Verdure Island. Most of the residents in the game will live here or on the neighboring Sprout Island. The island also has a shipping bin next to Taro's house that works exactly the same as the shipping bin on your own farm. You will be paid at 5:00 pm for any item you put into Taro's shipping bin.

  • (A) Taro's House - The entire shipper family lives in this small house; Taro, his daughter Felicia, and his two grandkids Natalie and Elliot.
  • (B) Chen's Store - The general store is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and closed on Fridays. Chen sells various goods like seeds, cooking ingredients, and furniture, while his son Charlie makes accessories out of Orichalcum ore and attaches Wonderfuls to your tools.
  • (C) Mirabelle's Shop - The animal shop is closed on Saturdays. Mirabelle and her daughter Julia live here, and on Mondays and Tuesdays you'll find Vaughn at the shop.
  • (D) Isaac's House - Isacc is one of the miners who work at the mine on Volcano Island. He appears in the game after you raise Volcano Island, and lives in the empty house next to Mirabelle's shop.
  • (E) Pierre's House - The gourmet spends a lot of his time outdoors, looking for ingredients. He is the only one who lives at his house.
  • (F) Nick's Diner - The diner is open every day except for festival days. You can buy food like Tempura, noodles, and rice to recharge your Hunger bar.
  • (G) Martin's House - This fisherman sub villager hangs around Verdure Island, either at the beach south of his house or inside his house.
  • (H) Slater's House - After you raise Volcano Island, Slater will move into the house just south of Pierre's house.
  • (I) Kirk's boat dock - Kirk will take you from island to island, and doesn't live anywhere else but on his boat. He is always there for you to use, no matter the time of day or outdoor weather.

Hidden Sun Stones

There is only 1 Sun Stone hidden on Verdure Island:

  • Investigate the bush between Chen and Mirabelle's shops

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