Inside the livestock barn

You will not start out your farm life with a barn to hold livestock animals. To start raising livestock you'll need to hire Gannon to build a Barn, which costs 200 Lumber and 12,000 G (27,000 G combined). There is only 1 animal Barn available, but you can increase its size. The original small size can hold up to 4 Feeder bins, the medium can hold 8, and the large barn can fit up to 12 Feeders. Each Feeder bin can accommodate one cow or sheep.

  • Original construction - 200 Lumber and 12,000 G, or 27,000 G
  • Size upgrade to medium - 500 Lumber and 7000 G, or 37,000 G
  • Size upgrade to large - 2000 Lumber and 30,000 G, or 140,000 G
  • Feeders - 100 Lumber and 5000 G, or 8,500 G
  • Birthing Pen (Brthng Pns) - 200 Lumber and 500 G, or 14,000 G
  • Fodder Dispenser, upgrade to medium size - 1500 Lumber and 7000 G, or 90,000 G
  • Fodder Dispenser, upgrade to large size - 4500 Lumber and 50,000 G, or 280,000 G
  • Shipping Bin - 200 Lumber and 1000 G, or 15,000 G

Cows and sheep share the same barn. You can have any combination of the two types of animals as long as you have enough Feeder bins.

When you receive a baby cow or baby sheep, it will only grow if you feed it every day. If you don't feed it, then it will take longer to mature. Normally, a cow will take 18 days to mature and a sheep will take 16 days to mature. If you forget to feed it for a day, or can't due to a storm, then that will add an extra day to its growing time.

Cows and Jersey Cows

Jersey Cow Normal Cow

After you build your livestock barn, Mirabelle will visit and give you a free, baby normal cow. If you want more normal cows, you can purchase them from her shop for 5000 G each.

To collect milk from a cow, you need to buy a Milker from Mirabelle's shop. The Milker's price will vary depending on how many Wonderful slots it has on it (1 slot is 1000 G, 2 slots is 2000 G, etc.). Every day you can milk you normal, black-spotted adult Cow to receive a bottle of Milk. The more hearts your cow has, the higher quality of milk you'll receive.

You will unlock the Jersey Cow once you have shipped an S-Rank milk from a normal cow. The day after you ship the S-Rank Milk, Mirabelle will have baby Jersey Cows for 15,000 G each. Jersey Cows take just as long as normal Cows to mature, but they produce milk every 3 days instead of every day. Jersey Milk sells for more profit than normal Milk.

The milk you receive from cows can be converted into several different items via the maker machines:

If you want to birth cows on your farm, buy the Cow Miracle Potion from Mirabelle for 3500 G. The same potion will work on a normal or Jersey Cow. You also need to have an available Birthing Pen, and the cow must be an adult. Use the Cow Miracle Potion on the cow you want to impregnate, and then remember to put Fodder in the Birthing Pen's Feeder every day inside of the barn. After 21 days, the baby cow will be born. The new cow will have half the number of hearts its mother had. It will take 18 days for the baby cow to mature into an adult cow.

Cows have a life span of about 6 years.

Sheep and Suffolk Sheep

Suffolk Sheep Normal Sheep

You don't need to do anything special to unlock normal Sheep. As soon as Gannon finishes building your Barn, Mirabelle will have Sheep for 4000 G each. You will also need to buy the Clippers from her store for 1000 G per available Wonderful Slot.

Normal, adult Sheep can have their Wool clipped every 3 days. The more hearts the Sheep has, the better the Wool that it produces.

Mirabelle will also have the Suffolk Sheep for sale after you ship your first S-Rank Wool. Each Suffolk Sheep costs 12,000 G! The pink Suffolk Sheep can have their wool clipped every 6 days, but it sells for much higher than normal Wool.

You can convert wool into yarn with the Yarn Maker Machine:

Having Sheep born on your farm is similar to the method used for Cows, but the adult Sheep must have all of its wool intact before the Sheep Miracle Potion can be used on it. The Sheep potion is at Mirabelle's shop for 3000 G each. After 16 days, the baby Sheep will be born with half of the hearts that the mother Sheep had. Another 16 days later and the child will be an adult Sheep.

Sheep have a life span of around 5 years.

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