Fall Festivals

Fall 5 - Cow Festival

Cow Festival

Mirabelle will stop by your house on the 4th to ask if you want to enter a cow for the festival. If you do, she will take the cow away for the day.

On the 5th, go to Meadow Island between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm to participate in the cow festival. If your cow has at least 8 hearts, it will be declared the winner. You will earn a Wonderful Stone, +700 fp to the people at the festival, and +1000 Animal Degree points.

Attendees: Chelsea, Chen, Karen, Mark, Mirabelle, Nathan, Popuri, Sabrina, Shea, and Taro.

Fall 10 - Harvest Festival

Eating at the Harvest Festival

On this day, the villagers will gather on Meadow Island to have a giant stew. Everyone brings an ingredient, and together they all make a tasty meal. You are invited of course, so bring an edible item for the dish.

You can bring anything that can be eaten, including the wild herbs that grow around if you don't have any crops to bring. Go to the Meadow between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm to hand Felicia your contribution. If you bring her an A-rank or S-rank item, the resulting meal will earn you +1000 fp with all of the people in attendance, plus your Stamina and Fullness will be refilled. If you don't have a good ranking item, then just your Sta/Ful is recovered and you don't earn the +1000 fp.

The only item that you don't want to submit is a Poisonous Mushroom. The poison fungus is worth -300 fp for everyone if you add it to the cooking pot.

Attendees: Charlie, Chelsea, Eliza, Elliot, Felicia, Julia, Lily, Mark, Mirabelle, Natalie, Pierre, Regis, Shea, and Taro.

Fall 16 - Dog Festival

If you own a dog, you can enter it into the Dog Festival. Mirabelle will stop by the day before and take your dog away if you want to participate in the festival. To get a dog, you need to earn 5000 or more Animal Degree points.

Frisbee disc catching

The Dog Festival is a contest to see who can throw the Frisbee disc the farthest. The more hearts your dog has, the farther it can run before it gets too tired to chase your flying disc. To throw the disc, start with your stylus on the left-side of the touch screen, and then quickly swipe it over to the right one time. The longer and faster you swipe, the farther your disc will fly. You have three chances to reach the farthest distance possible.

To be declared the winner, you need to have your dog catch the Frisbee disc when it is over 55 meters away. A second place win will be between 35m and 55m, and third place is from 21m to 35m.

If you win, you will earn +1000 Animal Degree points, a Wonderful Stone, and +700 fp for everyone at the festival.

Attendees: Alisa, Chen, Denny, Felicia, Julia, Lily, Mirabelle, Nathan, and Will.

Fall 24 - Rice Festival

The existence of the Rice Festival depends on if you have shipped any Rice between Spring 01 and Fall 20. You need to ship at least one piece of Rice produce (cut or baled) for the festival to take place. If you don't ship any Rice then you will have to wait until the next year to unlock it.

At the Rice Festival you will be given a pack of Rice product. The type of item you receive will depend on how much Rice you have shipped in the year up to the point of the festival.

  • 1000 or less - Rice Ball
  • 1001 to 2000 - Fried Rice
  • 2000 or more - Tempura Rice

You will return to your farm house when the festival is over.

Fall 28 - Fall Crop Festival

Fall Crop Festival

Felicia will stop by your house on the morning of the 27th to remind you of the judging contest coming up the next day. She will also remind you of the specific crop that will need to be entered. The necessary crop is also written on your house calendar, and you just have to tap on the 28th to see what it is.

  • Year 1 - Eggplant
  • Year 2 - Carrot
  • Year 3 - Yam
  • Year 4 - Spinach
  • Year 5 - Bell Pepper
  • Cycles back to Year 1 category after Year 5

Sometime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, head to Meadow Island with the requested crop. Hold it in your hand and then talk to Felicia to enter it into the contest. If the crop you have entered has an A rank or an S rank then you will be the winner.

To win the crop festival, do not pick the crop from your field until the day of the festival! Crops will begin to rot the next day after picking, and no one wants rotten crops in their crop festival. You can leave the crop on the plant for up to 10 days before the festival date and it will increase its rank the longer you leave it on the plant.

Attendees: Alisa, Chelsea, Chen, Elliot, Felicia, Lily, Natalie, Pierre, Taro, and Will

Fall 30 - Pumpkin Festival

The Pumpkin Festival

On this day for children, you will have visitors if you walk back into your farm house. The child will walk into your house and wants a tasty treat. The kids will appear at your house when ever you walk back inside, so all you have to do is walk in and out of your house over and over until you see Charlie, Eliza, Popuri (if you have her unlocked), and Witchkins (if you have raised the Mystic Islands).

To increase your friendship with the kids (+1000 fp), give them Chocolate or Gelatin. You can buy Chocolate from Chen's store for 100 G each, and Gelatin comes from the lava bubbles inside the mine. Any other gift you give will be a -800 fp decrease, but you don't lose any friendship if you don't have any gifts to give.

If you have been visited by at least 2 kids, after the candy giving is over go back inside of your house. Felicia will stop by and invite you to a pumpkin party on Meadow Island. At the party you will randomly receive Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Pudding, or Boiled Pumpkin in your rucksack. Plus, you'll also earn another 1000 points of friendship with each person at the party. After the party is over you'll return back to your farm house at 6:00 pm.

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