Summer Festivals

Summer 7 - Chicken Festival

Chicken Festival

In the morning of the 6th, Mirabelle will stop by and invite you to enter a chicken into the festival. If you choose to, she will take the chicken for the day and you can participate in the festival the next day. If you don't enter a chicken you can still go and watch.

Go to the Meadow Island between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm to watch the contest. If you have entered a chicken then you need to have at least 8 hearts to win against the competitors and Popuri, who has also entered a chicken.

If you are the winner, your will earn +1000 Animal Degree points and +700 fp for each villager who is at the festival grounds.

Attendees: Charlie, Chelsea, Eliza, Mark, Mirabelle, Natalie, Pierre, Sabrina, Shea, and Taro.

Summer 13 - Cooking Festival

You can't submit an entry into this festival unless you own the Kitchen. Upgrade your farm house to medium size, and then buy the Refrigerator from Chen for 2500 G. After the Refrigerator is out of his shop inventory, the Kitchen will appear for 4000 G.

The cooking festival judging

On this day, go to the Meadow Island between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. You won't know what the cooking festival category is until you talk to Pierre. The gourmet will ask if you want to participate in the festival, and then tell you the category of recipes that are going to be judged.

After you enter the festival and learn the category, you will be transported back to your farm house. You need to make the dish and return to Meadow Island before 6:00 pm that day.

To win first place, you will want to submit a recipe that has a lot of additional ingredients mixed in. To do this, select "Make some alterations" from the kitchen cooking menu. You then can choose your base-recipe and add in extra ingredients. The quality, size, and freshness of the extra ingredients will affect the rank of the resulting cooked dish, just as the recipe's basic ingredients do. The STAMINA recovery of the dish determines if it will be judged to be the winner by Pierre.

Salad Suggestions
Mashed PotatoPotato + Butter + Milk + Egg + Mayonnaise + Cheese
SaladTomato + Corn + Cucumber + Oil + Mayonnaise + Mushroom
Herb SaladWhite Herb + Black Herb + Mayonnaise + Blue Herb + Indigo Herb + Green Herb
Soup/Drink Suggestions
Fruit JuiceStrawberry + Peach + Banana + Peach Juice + Banana Juice
Herb SoupWhite Herb + Black Herb + Indigo Herb + Blue Herb + Green Herb + Purple Herb
Mixed SmoothieStrawberry + Turnip + Milk
Appetizer Suggestions
Steamed TurnipTurnip + Fish (M) + Egg + Mushroom + Mushroom Cluster
SandwichCucumber + Tomato + Boiled Egg + Bread + Butter + Mushroom
CroquetteOnion + Potato + Egg + Wheat Flour + Oil + Butter
Main Course Suggestions
Egg Over RiceEgg + Cooked Rice + Butter + Mayonnaise + Seaweed + Seaweed Paste
Blue CurryBlue Herb + Curry Powder + Cooked Rice + Boiled Egg + Spa Boiled Egg + Carrot
Rainbow CurryGreen Herb + Red Herb + Blue Herb + Curry Rice + White Curry + Black Curry
Dessert Suggestions
Pumpkin PuddingPumpkin + Milk + Egg + Chocolate + Banana + Peach
PancakeOil + Milk + Wheat Flour + Egg + Butter + Yogurt
Chocolate CakeButter + Wheat Flour + Egg + Chocolate + Yogurt + Strawberry

Don't forget you can substitute the animal products for their superb versions. If a recipe calls for an Egg, you can replace it with a Silkie Egg for some additional Stamina recovery points.

After you have finished cooking your recipe, return to Meadow Island and give it to Pierre. He will judge your entry against the other villagers. If you are the winner, you will win a Wonderful Stone, +700 fp with everyone at the festival, and +1000 Cooking Degree points.

Attendees: Charlie, Chen, Denny, Eliza, Elliot, Felicia, Gannon, Julia, Lanna, Mirabelle, Natalie, Pierre, Regis, and Sabrina.

Summer 18 - Cat Festival

Bringing in the kitty

On the 17th, Mirabelle will stop by your house and borrow your cat for the festival, if you choose to participate. Between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on the 18th, go to the Meadow Island to participate in the Cat Festival. You will be playing the cat mini game to try and get the cat to you in the fastest time possible.

If you entice your cat towards your spot between 18 and 20 seconds, you will be the winner. Between 20 and 23 seconds will get you second place, 23 to 26 will win you third, and anything slower than 26 seconds will only be fourth place.

A win will earn you a Wonderful Stone, +1000 Animal Degree points, and +700 fp for each person there.

Attendees: Alisa, Elliot, Felicia, Julia, Lily, Mirabelle, Sabrina, Trent, and Will.

Summer 23 - Fishing Festival

On this day you'll be judge on the largest fish you can enter. The Fishing Pole can be bought at Gannon's shop for 5000 G if you did not have one already.

The Fishing Festival

If the fish you enter has less than 7.5 green dots in Freshness, then you won't win. Denny does not want to judge rotten fish! You need to catch your festival entry close to the 23rd, or you can even catch fish during the festival. Since time stops when you go to Meadow Island when a festival is taking place, you can fish off the edge of the island for your entry. If you have at least 10,000 Fishing Degree points, you can catch a large fish during Summer at the Fishing Festival.

The other factor involved is the size of the fish. You need to enter a medium or large fish just to place in the festival, and only the large fish will get you close to victory.

If you win you will earn a Wonderful Stone, +1000 Fishing Degree points, and +700 fp to the villagers who are there.

Attendees: Chelsea, Denny, Gannon, Lanna, Mark, Natalie, Nathan, Pierre, Regis, Sabrina, Shea, and Taro.

Summer 26 - Fireworks Festival

The Fireworks Festival

This is a "date" festival. After 6:00 pm, take the boat (or teleport) to the Meadow Island. A large number of bachelor and bachelorettes will be there, and if one of them has a green heart color or higher, you can ask him or her to watch the fireworks show with you. If none of the candidates have a high enough friendship level, you will get stuck watching the festival fireworks with Gannon.

Shea, Alisa, the Witch Princess, and Mark/Chelsea do not participate in this date festival.

The person who you choose to watch fireworks with will earn +700 fp.

Attendees: Charlie, Denny, Eliza, Elliot, Gannon Lanna, Lily, Julia, Natalie, Pierre, Sabrina, Trent, Vaughn, and Will.

Summer 29 - Summer Crop Festival

Felicia will stop by your house on the morning of the 28th to remind you of the judging contest coming up the next day. She will also remind you of the specific crop that will need to be entered. The necessary crop is also written on your house calendar, and you just have to tap on the 29th to see what it is.

  • Year 1 - Tomato
  • Year 2 - Corn
  • Year 3 - Onion
  • Year 4 - Pumpkin
  • Year 5 - Pineapple
  • Cycles back to Year 1 category after Year 5

Sometime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, head to Meadow Island with the requested crop. Hold it in your hand and then talk to Felicia to enter it into the contest. If the crop you have entered has an A rank or an S rank then you will be the winner.

To win the crop festival, do not pick the crop from your field until the day of the festival! Crops will begin to rot the next day after picking, and no one wants rotten crops in their crop festival. You can leave the crop on the plant for up to 10 days before the festival date and it will increase its rank the longer you leave it on the plant.

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