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Common Questions

How do I get married?

Raise the Mystic Islands so Nathan and his church can move in, have your potential spouse at a red heart color, see his/her 4 heart events, upgrade your house to large size, and own the wife/husband bed. You also need to get the Sun Stone the person has. Once you have finished, give the person the Blue Feather you bought from Chen's store for 1000 G.

How do I get the Cat, Dog, Horse, and Pig pets?

The horse is obtained by raising Mirabelle's friendship to 5000 points (1 heart mark). The dog requires you to earn 5000 Animal Degree points. The cat comes from spending 30,000 G at Mirabelle's shop. The pig unlocks after you ship 100 mushrooms and then visit Mushroom Island between 6:00 am and 5:00 pm.

How do I get a Jersey Cow, Suffolk Sheep, or Silkie Chicken?

You need to ship an S-rank animal product to unlock the advanced animals. So if you wanted to unlock Silkie Chickens, you need to ship an S-Rank Egg. The next day, the Silkie Chickens will be for sale at Mirabelle's shop.

Where can I find a Firefly Flower?

The only way to get a Firefly Flower in Sunshine Islands is to raise Animal Island and befriend the Rabbit wild animals. Feed them Rabbit Food, Carrots, Cabbage, and other items they like until you can hire them to forage for flowers. The more hearts they have with you, the more likely you'll receive a Firefly Flower from the Rabbits.

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