Rival Heart Events: Sabrina and Vaughn

A Lost Keepsake
Black Rival Event

» Walk from Verdure Island to Sprout Island
» Sunny day, Monday or Tuesday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
» Year 2 or later
» Sabrina or Vaughn at a black heart OR you are married

As Sabrina is walking down the path, Vaughn notices that she has dropped something. It looks like she dropped a pendant. Vaughn suggests that if it is that important to her then she should keep it safe, although its chain is broken. Sabrina says the chain has been broken for awhile and she can't exactly fix it; her father doesn't know that Sabrina has the pendant. Because he doesn't know, she can't ask his help to fix it. Vaughn offers to fix the chain for her and takes a few seconds to repair the pendant's chain.

Sabrina is surprised how fast Vaughn was able to fix the chain. She tells him that the pendant belonged to her mother and it is the only keepsake of her. Her mother left Regis and moved far, far away. Vaughn appologises for prying, but Sabrina says that he helped her immensely.

Handmade Sweets
Green Rival Event

» Meadow Island
» Sunny or Cloudy day: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
» Monday or Tuesday
» Year 3 or later
» Sabrina or Vaughn at half-way through a green heart color (35,000 points max) or less OR you are married.

Sabrina has been looking for Vaughn and finally found him on Meadow Island. She has made some doughnuts today and wants to give some to him. This isn't the first time she's made something for him and Vaughn almost seems annoyed that she keeps doing this for him. Sabrina pleads with him to try a doughnut until he finally gives in and takes one.

After tasting them, Vaughn tells her that the doughnuts are perfect. Sabrina tells him that her mother use to make doughnuts for her, and taught her how to make them. Vaughn figures that Sabrina has a good mom, and wonder how that's like. He doesn't seem to want to talk about it, so Sabrina doesn't pressure him into explaining.

Words of Confession
Orange Rival Event

» Regis' mansion
» 6:00 am to 10:00 am
» Monday or Tuesday
» Sabrina or Vaughn at an orange heart color or less OR you are married

Vaughn was in the neighborhood so he's stopped by the mansion to visit with Sabrina. He has something he wants to tell her, and declines her offer of tea. Regis makes an appearance to investigate who the visitor is and Sabrina tells him that Vaughn is a guest. Vaughn is glad to see that Regis has arrived, as he has something to say to both of them.

Vaughn ask Sabrina if he can have her hand in marriage! Having Sabrina around calms his nerves and he likes that feeling. Sabrina blushes and accepts his proposal but Regis objects. Regis thinks Vaughn is not good enough for his daughter. Sabrina scolds him for calling her future husband names. Vaughn tells Regis that he'll do whatever it takes to earn Regis' approval.

Regis realizes that Sabrina means a lot to Vaughn and gives Vaughn his blessing.

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